Chloe Ayling is out! Kidnap victim is the second 'Celebrity Big Brother' evicted housemate

21-year-old kidnap victim and model Chloe Ayling is the 2nd Celebrity Big Brother contestant evicted. (PA Images)
21-year-old kidnap victim and model Chloe Ayling is the 2nd Celebrity Big Brother contestant evicted. (PA Images)

It was the pin-up vs. the stand-up as kidnap victim Chloe Ayling and shamed comedian Hardeep Singh Kohli went head to head in Celebrity Big Brother’s second 2018 eviction.

And Ayling lost out, despite fans rallying around her on Twitter during her dramatic final episode.

As the eviction episode unfolded, the building sexual tension between Ayling and married ex-footballer Jermaine Pennant reached its peak.

Revealing to her housemates that she had been swapping flirty notes with him which included him writing ‘I really like you,’ and ‘since day one’ housemates urged Pennant to come clean about having a serious girlfriend.

But they were then left stunned when he confessed to not having a girlfriend – but a wife of four years – Alice Goodwin. Pennant sheepishly admitted to removing his wedding band before entering the house, and thus leading the housemates to assuming he only had a girlfriend.

He even attempted to brush off any wrongdoings including his flirtations with Ayling. Claiming it was ‘only banter’ and that as soon as the two left the house it would ‘all be over.’

His dismissal of his obvious flirtations didn’t go well over on Twitter, with dozens of fans tweeting their anger, including previous CBB winner Denise Welch:

As Ayling exited she got a round of emotional hugs from her housemates, including Roxanne Pallett saying it ‘was a new chapter’ for her and Hardeep Singh Kohli giving her a lingering hug and saying she was a ‘top girl.’

And as she left the house she was cheered, as opposed to the boos she received when she first entered.

Outside of the house, a slightly embarrassed looking Ayling was forced to listen to why she was nominated seven times. The majority of the nominators accused her of being ‘lazy’ and that she didn’t make any effort in the kitchen or at putting her clothes away.

Chloe Ayling was left gobsmacked at Jermaine Pennant’s marriage confession.
Chloe Ayling was left gobsmacked at Jermaine Pennant’s marriage confession.

CBB host Emma Willis was quick to ask Ayling about her ongoing flirtation with Pennant.

Ayling confessed, “We did have a good connection…but I would have preferred him to have been open and honest rather than lying to others about what he wrote on the notes.”

“He told me his relationship was f***ed…which made me assume he only had a girlfriend…it seemed like he was saying these things just so he could try to do stuff with me,” she explained.

A speechless Ayling eventually reacted to Pennant’s recorded married confession with “No way!”

She went on to say Pennant said to her before leaving the house ‘to play it down’ and that he only ‘had a girlfriend.’

“I think that is disgusting…to crack on to someone else…when you have a wife at home who is going to see that on TV…I think that is just disgusting,” Ayling fumed.

Elsewhere in the shocking episode, fellow eviction nominee Hardeep Singh Kohli seemed remarkably chill and Yoda-like at the prospect of being eliminated.

Kohli said he ‘didn’t need’ CBB for his career and was here to ‘experience the industry that he loves in its most modern manifestation.’ He also said CBB was like a retreat and that he’d made some ‘major breakthroughs’ since embarking on his reality stint.

Meanwhile Kirstie Alley, whose generally been well received by her CBB housemates and public viewers, was tasked with attempting to pronounce British lingo as well as demonstrate how to properly serve British tea. She was then served a traditional High Tea with three contestants of her choice. Alley chose psychic Sally Morgan, kidnap victim Chloe Ayling and former Corrie star Ryan Thomas.

Lastly, TOWIE star Dan Osborne opened up about his ‘toxic’ past relationships but said now he has his anger issues under control and now if his wife gets angry at him he goes ‘to the gym’ to cool himself down. He said ‘arguments with his ex’ caused him to ‘lose everything.’

Celebrity Big Brother continues 9pm tomorrow night.

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