Chris Evans: I have regular checks due to high risk of colon cancer

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Chris Evans has revealed he has a higher risk of developing colon cancer due to family history. (PA)
Chris Evans has revealed he has a higher risk of developing colon cancer due to family history. (PA)

Chris Evans has revealed he has had surgery to remove polyps, as a precaution against colon cancer.

The 56-year-old TV and radio presenter lost his father and two uncles to the disease and now has regular check-ups to ensure he catches any signs of cancer early.

Evans told listeners of his Virgin Radio breakfast show: "My dad and both his brothers, my two uncles, all were taken by colon cancer.

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"I've had a colonoscopy, I've had several. They found polyps. Polyps are the chandeliers that cancer needs to grow on. You cut them out, you send them for a biopsy.

"It took the surgeon, who has sorted me out a couple of times now, less than half a second to snip out, completely pain free, to snip out the things that killed by dad, killed my uncles."

Chris Evans in the radio studio.
Chris Evans opened up about his regular cancer screenings to listeners on his Virgin Radio breakfast show. (Getty Images)

The former Top Gear presenter added: "There's nothing to be frightened off. I was hospital-phobic, probably because of my dad. Even though as a kid my mother was a nurse and I remember wheeling people up and down the hospital corridors as my mum was conducting one of her many night shifts."

He revealed: "I'm going for my regular colonoscopy next week, because that's the way it is."

Evans opened up on his own cancer screenings as he paid tribute to Bowel Babe campaigner Dame Deborah James, who has died aged 40.

Dame Deborah James pictured at Ascot races in June 2022.
Chris Evans paid tribute to cancer campaigner Dame Deborah James who has died aged 40. (Getty Images)

He said: "The best thing we can all do to honour the amazing Dame Debs James is to sort ourselves out when it comes to our colons.

"Get yourself sorted, if not for you but for your loved ones."

Evans added: "Colon cancer has no chance against us if you catch it early enough, and if you catch it too late you almost have no chance against it. That's the story when it comes to colon cancer."

The former TFI Friday host is very open when talking about his own health.

Chris Evans pulled down his trousers live on This Morning (Credit: ITV)
Chris Evans pulled down his trousers live on This Morning. (ITV)

In February 2021 he told how he was rushed to hospital with kidney stones – after mistaking the symptoms for trapped wind.

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And in 2019 Evans dropped his trousers live on This Morning while discussing his varicose veins.

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