Jeremy Clarkson hits back at Chris Packham as feud rumbles on

The Top Gear presenter took issue with the Springwatch star's grammar - but appeared to be okay with the insult.

Jeremy Clarkson and Chris Packham
Chris Packham hit out at Jeremy Clarkson for criticising David Attenborough. (Getty Images)

Jeremy Clarkson and Chris Packham have locked horns again amid their bitter ongoing feud.

Hitting back, Clarkson has responded to Packham's foul-mouthed tweet about him – to correct his grammar in the latest development of their fallout.

The Springwatch presenter and environmental activist had called the former Top Gear presenter a "c**kchafer" for daring to criticise Sir David Attenborough's support of climate change awareness.

Clarkson, 63, has now replied to the post on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, saying: "It’s world’s. Not 'worlds'"

Asked why he was not disputing the term "c**kchafer", Clarkson admitted: "I’m intrigued by that."

Packham's outburst

Sir David Attenborough attends the Global Launch of BBC Studios'
Sir David Attenborough was criticised by Jeremy Clarkson for highlighting climate change. (Getty Images)

Packham had hit out at the Clarkson's Farm star after he chose to criticise 97-year-old broadcaster and naturalist Attenborough for highlighting climate change in the latest season of Planet Earth.

Packham, 62, fumed: "Not content with fantasies of throwing s**t over members of the royal family he now slams the worlds greatest broadcaster and the man who has done more than anyone has or ever will to protect life on earth . . . What a massive c***chafer."

Clarkson wrote in his column in The Sun: "There used to be a time when Sir Attenborough would tell us all about the animal he’d found. Now all we ever get is: 'Here’s a see-through fish with an orange stomach, and it’s future is threatened by climate change'. And then it’s: 'Here’s something with pointy teeth and soon it will be wiped out by global warming'."

Feud history

Jeremy Clarkson on Clarkson's Farm (Prime Video)
Jeremy Clarkson keeps and shoots pheasants on his land. (Prime Video)

Packham and the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? host previously locked horns in November 2021 over game shooting.

The wildlife presenter – who has received death threats in the past for speaking out against blood sports –has campaigned to ban bird shooting.

Packham has called game shooters “psychopaths” and said he believed hunting was “wrong, pure and simple”.

Clarkson, who keeps and shoots pheasants on his country estate, wrote in his column in The Times: "I get that Chris Packham wants pheasant shooting banned but I think he’s wrong.

"I think that if there were no shooting, landowners would be less bothered about looking after their land.

"I think a great many countrymen who earn a living on shoots would lose their jobs."

Conflict of interests

British television BBC presenter of motor show
Car-lover Jeremy Clarkson is very public in his dislike of environmentalists. (AFP via Getty Images)

The Clarkson's Farm star has a track record of voicing his dislike of environmentalists.

He has repeatedly criticised climate change activist Greta Thunberg, who he has blamed for "killing the TV show", and called a "spoilt brat".

The Grand Tour star has in the past found himself to be the target of climate protestors, including an incident in 2009 when activist group Climate Rush dumped horse manure on his lawn.

Packham, who has previously taken part in Extinction Rebellion protests, recently presented Channel 4 documentary, Is It Time To Break The Law?, examining the extremes of activism taken by climate change protesters in recent years.

Naturalist and broadcaster Chris Packham joins thousands of protesters from the environmental group Extinction Rebellion gather on Earth Day for The Big One For Biodiversity March non-disruptive protest in Westminster on 22nd April 2023 in London, United Kingdom. Extinction Rebellion is a climate change group started in 2018 and has gained a huge following of people committed to peaceful protests. These protests are highlighting that the government is not doing enough to avoid catastrophic climate change and to demand the government take radical action to save the planet. (photo by Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images)
Chris Packham has joined climate change protests. (Getty Images)

Meghan Markle comments

The wildlife presenter's mention of the royal family in his outburst refers to Clarkson's controversial column about Meghan Markle in The Sun a year ago.

Clarkson was investigated by press regulator Ipso and issued a rare apology after writing a column in which he said "hated" the Duchess of Sussex and wife of Prince Harry and dreamed of her being paraded naked around Britain while excrement was thrown at her.

He later wrote: “I really am sorry. All the way from the balls of my feet to the follicles on my head. This is me putting my hands up. It’s a mea culpa with bells on.”

Packham spoke out saying he thought Clarkson should be jailed for hate crime over his comments.

He wrote on social media at the time: "It’s hate crime, pure and simple.

“If there were any sort of justice there would be laws that would jail him. And shut down the publisher.

“Is this the country we want to live in? Is this what we should tolerate?

“We must ask ourselves - where is this leading? Nowhere good.”

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