Chris Packham tells 'GMB' he's received death threats over shooting campaign

Chris Packham told GMB that he and his family have received death threats (ITV)
Chris Packham told GMB that he and his family have received death threats (ITV)

Springwatch and Blue Planet Live presenter Chris Packham has opened up about receiving death threats following his involvement in an anti-shooting campaign.

Packham recently backed a successful campaign to ban the shooting of birds, which has angered farmers who will now need to apply for a license to shoot them on their land.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday, Packham told presenters Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid that he and his family have subsequently received death threats and packages containing “human excrement” as part of a backlash.

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“The police have spent quite a considerable amount of time at my house over the last few days,” he said.

“We’ve had packages containing human excrement. Last night, I can’t speak too much about what happened last night because I haven’t been in touch with the police yet, but it was much more serious, yeah.”

Morgan then asked: “What kind of thing happened last night? It sounds serious.” To which Packham replied: “Death threats of a very serious nature.”

“Really? “Against you and your family?” asked Morgan.

“Yes,” Packman confirmed.

Disgusted by the actions of those threatening Packham and his family, Reid said: “No-one should take aim at you with sending you crap, literally, and threatening your life or those close to you.

“Whatever you think about the argument, and you can be on one side or the other – death threats? What is wrong with people?”

“No, ridiculous,” added Morgan in agreement.

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This comes after dead crows were left hanging outside Packham’s home on Thursday after he backed the legal restriction on shooting ‘pest’ birds.

The presenter took to Twitter to share an image of the crows, writing: “This was my gate this morning (it was vandalised) @HantsPolice & lawyers have been informed.