Chrissy Teigen gets tattoo of daughter Luna's butterfly drawing

Chrissy Teigen tattooed a drawing done by her daughter Luna. (Photo by Lars Niki/Getty Images for POPSUGAR and Reed Exhibitions)
Chrissy Teigen had a drawing on her by her daughter Luna made into a tattoo. (Lars Niki/Getty Images for POPSUGAR and Reed Exhibitions)

Chrissy Teigen now has a tattoo of one of her five-year-old daughter's drawings.

The model and cookbook author showed off her new butterfly inking on Instagram as she revealed that daughter Luna had celebrated her preschool graduation on Monday.

Teigen, 35, posted a black and white photo of the tattoo and said that after the youngster had doodled the butterfly on her, she wanted to make it permanent.

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She wrote: "Luna drew this butterfly on me today and it seemed fitting to make permanent. I wanted @winterstone to move and center it, due to issues I also discuss in therapy, but in the end we decided to leave it right where she belonged.

"A little imperfect, a little messy, but hell she’s here to stay. Lol. Love you all to bits, I really do. Even if you hate me, I can honestly say I do not hate you. I send you love. How annoying is that! You must be soooo annoyed!! Anyhoo, love you, love you, love you. Here’s to the messes in progress. 🥂."

The graduation was an emotional affair for Teigen, who said she had "sobbed from beginning to end".

She went on: "I sobbed because my god, what a year. But also, man. they’re SO young. Their eyes are gonna see so much. They’re going to experience pain, hurt, loss. But also love, success, unimaginable bonds with friends.

"Then I thought about what I’ve learned just in the past few months and I feel a wealth of gratitude for life alone and those unimaginable bonds."

She and husband John Legend are also parents to son Miles, three. They sadly lost their third child, a son they named Jack, last year after Teigen suffered a miscarriage.

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Earlier in the day, Teigen had apologised again following an online bullying controversy.

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It comes after she's been silent on social media since she publicly apologised to media personality Courtney Stodden, who accused her of bullying them a decade ago.

Teigen said in a tweet in May: "I’m mortified and sad at who I used to be. I was an insecure, attention seeking troll."