Christine McGuinness says she's 'oozing calm' as she gets used to life as 'just her'

Christine McGuinness has said she is enjoying "silence and peace" as husband Paddy leaves the UK. Christine, who split from Paddy two years ago, continues to live with her estranged former partner for the sake of their three children.

But Paddy is currently abroad and has been posting updates on Instagram, while mum-of-three Christine takes time out for "calmness". Christine wrote: "Mama cam is oozing calm rn. I love calmness in my life. I love those moments of silence and peace where there’s just stillness and me. I love having time for intentional slowness and gratitude.

"I love when my nervous system is at ease." Christine, like her three children, has autism. In 2021, 33-year-old mother of three Christine - who is a BBC Pilgrimage star and ITV The Games contestant - discovered that she was autistic, and suddenly, for the very first time, her whole life began to make sense.

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"I'm so glad you're in a calm space, it's so important, and I know, for your mind, that's hard to get to. Keep going, keep being you," a fan said in reply to the reflective post. A second agreed and wrote: "You really notice is post diagnosis a few years in. I really notice when it's too much noise and smells now too and the impact this has on my body.

"There is a lot to be said for quiet moments and sensory regulation. I can't recommend noise cancelling ear buds more for when I am in noisy areas on my own." Another said: "Most beautiful woman in the whole world the man who wants to be with her would be the luckiest man alive I know I would be."

"When we walk 65 miles for autism awareness and acceptance this August bank holiday, you Mrs McGuinness, will be our inspiration. Bless you beautiful lady," another wrote.