Spain warns UK tourists Majorca and Ibiza 'can't take' their 'type' of tourism

UK tourists have been warned to expect protests across Majorca and Ibiza as tensions rise over anti-tourism. Brits abroad in the Balearic Islands have been warned of fresh gridlock and a standstill around Palma airport as protestors and demonstrators swoop.

The action is being plotted by a group calling itself Association Menys Turisme, Mes Vida, which means Less Tourism, More Life. A group called Prou Eivissa (Enough Ibiza) is planning protests from May 24, calling for restrictions to be imposed on tourism on the island.

Similar protests will begin in Majorca on May 27 - the first Monday of half-term for many British families. "Ibiza cannot take anymore", according to Prou Eivissa, who said in a statement they were raising awareness of the "negative impacts of uncontrolled tourism".

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But the group emphasised they were "in no way against British tourism", rather, the "type of tourism" the island attracts. The Balearic Islands' President Marga Prohens said: "This government understands that limits are necessary. We must make possible coexistence between tourist activity and the well-being of the residents of the Balearic Islands."

Protest organisers in Majorca told the Majorca Daily Bulletin they wanted to "demand accountability from institutions, because we want to live in our home, to protect our lives and because we do not want Majorca to become a luxury resort."

They said they are calling for "the right to housing, the protection of the territory, of our own language and culture." In order to achieve this, the activists are calling on officials to introduce a law that limits vehicle entries and a set of measures that ensure “the maintenance of the tourist moratorium, incentives for hoteliers to reduce capacity, [...] protect residents and crack down on illegal renting.”

“We consider it essential to achieve a balance between residents and tourists, and therefore we believe that the legitimate expression of the people of Ibiza can guarantee a sustainable future for all,” the statement added.

“We urge families, youths, adults or anyone who appreciates a respectful life and wishes to be treated with respect, to come and make their presence felt so that the authorities truly feel the pressure that makes us say: Ibiza cannot take anymore!”