Chyler Leigh Wants Her Supergirl Sister On Hallmark's The Way Home. She Already Has The Perfect Role Planned Out

 Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh hug on a couch in emotional Supergirl scene.
Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh hug on a couch in emotional Supergirl scene.

Chyler Leigh has had a lot of notable roles during her TV career, but the one superhero fans probably know her for is Supergirl, which wrapped back in 2021. In the series she played Alex Danvers, sister to Melissa Benoist’s Kara Danvers. The two have previously spoken about being close during their time on the show, and now The Way Home actress would love to reunite with her on her newer Hallmark series. The thing is, she even has a great idea about how it could happen.

In fact, now that The Way Home is renewed for Season 3, she wants a Supergirl reference of sorts on her cable series. If you know anything about The Way Home, it follows a mother and daughter who move to a small Canadian farm with grandmother Del during a transitional period in their lives. Serendipitous pond dips lead them to learn they can time travel into the past, but it turns out they aren't the only individuals with that particular skill.

And Leigh thinks her former onscreen sister could be a good fit, noting she'd like to see her in the following role:

I think maybe a Lady of the Pond. She comes up, kind of levitating so it’s a little nod back to Supergirl. I could see her coming up and singing with her beautiful voice. I would love if she would be on the show. I miss her dearly.

While she’s seemingly joking a bit about the levitating in her interview with TV Line, the idea that more people could time travel through the pond is an intriguing one, and a completely plausible one. So far, the only people who have gone through have seemed to be from the Landry bloodline; however, animals have seemingly traveled through time too, as evidence by Jacob’s dog. So, theoretically there should be more people out there – or even more Landry family members – with a similar gift.

I honestly have no idea how much crossover there is between Supergirl and The Way Home, but I do know there must be some overlap, as I watched both. In addition, even if you don’t know the connection between Benoist and Leigh, if done in a way that forwards the plot, having her on would serve as a cool moment for those in the know, and would just be part of the storyline for those who don't care about the Arrowverse. Feels like a win-win if you were to ask me.

While The Way Home Season 3 is coming, we don’t know a ton about what’s next outside of the cliffhanger Season 2 ended on, so there’s lots of room for the next set of episodes to go in new and exciting directions.

Meanwhile Melissa Benoist’s been busy with some voice work roles and The Girls on the Bus, a drama you can watch with a Max subscription. There’s no word on whether Season 2 of that series will be greenlighted or when Season 3 of the Hallmark series will be coming to the 2024 TV schedule, and perhaps that means her schedule could be open for a reunion with her former TV sister?

I hear being dunked in The Way Home's pond water is not for the faint of heart, but if there's anyone who would probably be game for it, it would be Benoist, who has been put through the wire for stunts in the past. (Literally, Supergirl's wire work was "really difficult.") Given how well the two get along, this is one cameo or role I'm really hoping works out.