City council approves change orders for water system projects

Mar. 14—McAlester city councilors have approved two change orders, including one to extend the bore for an upgrade to a drinking water project.

City councilors also authorized McAlester Mayor John Browne to sign the approved change orders.

Change Order #1 is in the amount of $20,000 for the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Project #12, also known as the South Main Water System Improvements Project.

The change order adds 25 feet of 30 inch bore to the project, to extend the bore to more suitable ground.

It also adds $20,000 for a Davis Beacon Labor Rates Change, according to information from Infrastructure Solutions Group, Inc., which is providing engineering services for the project.

The 30 inch bore will include 30-inch steel casing, according to city documents.

City councilors approved the change orders during their regular Tuesday night meeting at City Hall.

During the meeting, they also approved Change Order #4 in the amount of $5,018.56 for the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund #2, which is the Ashland Avenue Water System Improvements Project.

Change Order #4 will result in the addition of an air release valve to the system to remove excessive air buildup, said Infrastructure Solutions Group President Dale Burke.

It also adds 30 days to the contract.