Clarkson's Farm star Kaleb Cooper's fiancée Taya issues tear jerking statement

Kaleb cooper is soon set to marry Taya.
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Clarkson's Farm favourite Kaleb Cooper is set to tie the knot with his partner Taya, whose enthusiasm couldn't be clearer as she took to social media to post a photo-filled tribute.

Over the moon, Taya penned on her page: "Happy birthday to my hubby, have a great day. I love you."

The couple, smitten since the age of 18 and now doting on their two kids, Oscar and Willa, saw Taya sharing an adorable birthday wish from the little ones: "Happy birthday daddy, we hope you have a wonderful day, we love you so much, love Oscar and Willa."

Kaleb made hearts melt when he announced their proposal by posting a picture on Instagram on Christmas Day in 2022 with Taya flashing her sparkly engagement ring for all to see, the Express reports.

Kaleb Cooper's fiancee shared a series of sweet snaps featuring the pair.
Taya uploaded a sweet birthday tribute to her husband-to-be on Instagram -Credit:Instagram

The ceremony is set, the location booked, and while the exact farm venue remains under wraps, Kaleb hinted it'll indeed be amidst the countryside he holds dear, remarking, "It will definitely...most probably [be on a farm]. I've got to have my inner nature with myself."

He also let slip that pal Jeremy Clarkson from "The Grand Tour" fame would be among the attendees.

A glimpse into their wedding planning revealed Taya was quick off the mark, diving into organising just "20 seconds" after their second child's birth, according to Kaleb's chat in October 2023.

He said: "About 20 seconds after delivering the baby, she says, 'Right, wedding planning, should we have it here or here? ' She's already booked the venue. So yeah, she's smashing it! "

Kaleb Cooper Clarksons Farm
Kaleb Cooper on Clarkson's Farm with Jeremy Clarkson -Credit:Amazon Studios

This comes as Kaleb toured the UK on his 'The World According to Kaleb' shows.

It seems despite confessing on Clarkson's Farm that he had "never been on a train" and had little interest in venturing away from Chipping Norton, the adored Prime Video celebrity has now embarked on tours across the nation.

Yet, Kaleb has confessed that farming is his priority over TV fame and is determined not to let his rise in popularity deter him from owning his own farm.

Speaking in a conversation with Amazon, he said: "There's always a lot of talk of, 'Don't change, Kaleb, don't do this and don't do that,' but that really annoys me."

With a strong work ethic, he shared, "I'm 25 years old, yes, but I started my business at 13 years old with some chickens and I then started my contracting business at 16, so I've been doing this a long time and with everything that I do, it's got to revolve around my business."

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