Clever dog collects over 1,000 golf balls (and now they're going to charity!)

David and Masie with her golf balls. <i>(Image: David Egerton)</i>
David and Masie with her golf balls. (Image: David Egerton)

An Isle of Wight dog owner is hoping his "clever" pet's unusual habit of collecting golf balls will raise some money for charity.

To date, David Egerton's dog Masie has picked up more than 1,000 golf balls while out on walks.

David first discovered his pooch's love of collecting the balls when she was just 18 weeks old.

On that occasion, she found a golf ball in the field next to Freshwater Golf Course.

David said he thought it was a one-off so kept the ball and put it in a little wooden plinth as a keepsake.

But she started finding more and more and it wasn't long before he had to put them in a plastic box.

Now, he says, Masie has collected well over 1,000.

He said: "What a clever little dog we have!"

Last week David and Masie took the balls down to the Friends of the Animals.

They hope they will be able to sell them to raise some money.