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Clive Myrie to release memoir: How to pre-order the BBC reporter's new book

The BBC News reporter will unveil his book in September

BBC News presenter Clive Myrie is releasing his memoirs soon. (Ken Jack/Getty Images)
BBC News presenter Clive Myrie is releasing his memoirs soon. (Ken Jack/Getty Images)

BBC News reporter Clive Myrie has announced that he is penning a memoir, telling fans it will contain “tough stuff, but also hope”.

The journalist — who spent weeks covering the Ukraine crisis, at various points having to shelter underground and don a flak jacket mid-report — said his book would be out later this year.

He tweeted: “Chuffed to reveal that my memoir Everything Is Everything is out in September.

“It’s about the intersection of the personal and the professional and what I've learned.

“There’s tough stuff, but also hope.”

Myrie added a link to further information about the book, which will tell how he dreamed of being a journalist when he was growing up.

The star also "reflects on how being Black has affected his perspective on the myriad issues he’s encountered in reporting some of the biggest stories of our time”.

The synopsis said Myrie, 58, would share how his family history had influenced his view of the world.

Clive Myrie reported from Ukraine. (BBC)
Clive Myrie reported from Ukraine. (BBC)

He “tells us of his pride in his roots, but his determination not to be defined by his background in dealing with the challenges of race and class, to succeed at the highest level”, it said.

Fans were thrilled to hear that Myrie was penning his story.

“Looking forward to it, Clive!” tweeted one person.

Another posted: “Yep! I look forward to a bit of Autumn reading, will add to my list!”

As well as presenting BBC News, Clive Myrie is the host of Mastermind (BBC/Hindsight/Hat Trick Productions/William Cherry/Press Eye)
Clive Myrie's book will be out in September. (BBC/Hindsight/Hat Trick Productions/William Cherry/Press Eye)

Myrie first joined the BBC in 1987 and he became a foreign correspondent nine years later.

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The journalist is also known for hosting television shows such as Mastermind and Celebrity Mastermind.

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