Clouds Meet Smoke on Morning Flight Over Bushfires Near Coffs Harbour

Passengers on a Tiger Air flight from Melbourne to Coffs Harbour witnessed “clouds meeting smoke”, as bushfires raged across New South Wales, on November 13.

“My parents’ home is in a fire-affected area and I also grew up in Coffs Harbour, where I was flying to. So to see the extent of the smoke all across NSW from the air was so affecting” Angela Myer, who filmed the video, told Storyful.

“We could see smoke and fires for about 60-70% of the flight. When we descended through the smoke the smell of it, of wood burning, actually came into the plane. When we came through that thick layer and could start to see Coffs Harbour, I began to cry. It was very confronting to see my home town like that.”

Myer told Storyful the passengers were stretching to see out the windows for much of the flight.

More than 200 homes have been lost across New South Wales as a result of recent bushfires. While in Queensland, 70 fires are still burning with at least 15 homes destroyed in the state. Credit: Angela Myer via Storyful

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