'The Clown': German comedy TV show mocks Boris Johnson with spoof trailer of Netflix royal hit

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Watch: Boris Johnson stars in spoof trailer for ‘The Clown’

A German TV show has mocked Boris Johnson with a spoof trailer called “The Clown”.

Riffing on Netflix’s huge hit, The Crown, which dramatises the life of the Queen and the royal family, the fake trailer poked fun at the prime minister and his Brexit strategy.

It comes after a 2019 video of Johnson promising we won't still be talking about Brexit in 2020 went viral last week.

The trailer was produced by political satire programme Extra 3, which is broadcast by German channel NDR.

(Extra 3)
Prime minister Boris Johnson is the subject of a spoof trailer by a German political satire show. (Extra 3)

The clip, which lasts two and a half minutes, calls Johnson a “notorious buffoon”.

Instead of Netflix, The Clown is brought to viewers by “Brexnix”, the trailer announces.

A voiceover says: “From the people who brought you The Crown, the epic saga of the Queen… now comes the ridiculous story of this guy, a notorious buffoon at the head of a country whose inhabitants tumble down hills to catch cheese.

“It’s The Clown.”

The trailer says Johnson’s “funniest trick” is Brexit, and, over footage of the infamous EU referendum bus that falsely claimed the UK sent £350m a week to Europe, says: “He cons Brits into believing fake numbers”.

The trailer claims: “Mr Johnson has no idea of real policies and he knows nothing about EU Brexit regulations.”

It jokes that The Clown plays out over 23 seasons as “Brexit spirals into chaos”.

The voiceover says: “The clown gets tangled up in silly adventures.”

It then asks what the UK will look like after leaving the EU, showing footage from 2004 disaster movie The Day After Tomorrow.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson joins a Street Rugby tournament in a Tokyo street with school children and adults from Nihonbashi, Yaesu & Kyobashi Community Associations, to mark Japan hosting 2019 Rugby World Cup where Mr Johnson is on the final day of his four day trade visit to Japan.
The fake trailer 'The Clown' shows footage of prime minister Boris Johnson, then mayor of London, barging over a boy while playing rugby in Japan. (PA)
Former Mayor of London Boris Johnson before he boards the Vote Leave campaign bus in Truro, Cornwall, ahead of its inaugural journey which will criss-cross the country over the coming weeks to take the Brexit message to all corners of the UK before the June 23 referendum.
The fake trailer shows Boris Johnson with the infamous Vote Leave campaign bus ahead of the 2016 EU referendum. (PA)

Referring to Johnson, the trailer calls outgoing US president Donald Trump “his best friend from clown college”.

The trailer features footage from Johnson’s past mishaps, including knocking over a small boy while playing rugby during a trade visit to Japan.

Johnson and EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen have extended Brexit talks in an effort to secure a trade deal ahead of the end of the transition period on 31 December.

Watch: Boris Johnson says UK will continue to try to get Brexit deal

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