Co-pilot on a submarine in Hawaii shares a day in her life: ‘The perfect job doesn’t Ex…..oh wait’

One Aussie woman has captivated TikTok with her unusual but incredible profession.

On June 5, Brittany Nash (@asian.barbiee), originally from Melbourne, Australia, shared a video showcasing what she does each day as a co-pilot on the Atlantis 14, a submarine in Waikiki, Hawaii.

After waking up at 5 a.m., Nash gets ready and then bikes to the harbor. Once she’s received her schedule for the day, Nash ensures all the vessels are working and has a meeting with the rest of her team.

“And then it’s time to leave,” she says. “So I get back on the submarine, get on the sticks and I drive the sub out of the harbor. Then I jump out and we connect the toe line to our tugboat, which takes us the rest of the way to the dive site.”

Nash’s favorite part of the day is when she sits on top of the submarine for over an hour and enjoys some time to herself.

“I watch the sunrise, do a bit of yoga, read my book, definitely take a nap ’cause I’m very tired. Honestly, the best,” she says. “And eventually they call me on the radio, which means I probs have to get up and do some work again.”

Nash then meets with the rest of the crew and the first group of guests at the dive site.

“So we do six tours every single day,” she shares. “First dive, I do narration. I just talk about all the different reefs we see and the different marine life. Second tour of the day, I’m on the discovery. So I take all those guests off the sub and I go back on the bow to help us tie up…And for our third tour, once everyone is on board and the hatch is closed, I go on a skiff and get to have a break over there, on our tugboat.”

For the fourth tour of the day, Nash is the co-pilot, which entails sitting in the back and ensuring that they don’t crash into anything.

“For the most part, I just talked to the pilot and have a good old yarn,” she says. “Yarn” is Australian slang for conversation. Nash has another break during the fifth dive before embarking on her sixth and final dive of the day.

“I do one more narration, then back to the surface, open the hatch, take all the passengers back, get changed, eating again because it’s been, like, 10 hours at this point,” she says. “And then I take the boat back to the harbor and done.”

‘The perfect job doesn’t Ex…..oh wait.’

With more than 1.6 million views and 216,900 likes, Nash’s dreamy video has left some TikTokers in awe.

“Damn, that seems like a cool but difficult job,” @andymilonakis replied.

“The perfect job doesn’t Ex…..oh wait,” @justmiguel75 wrote.

“Ahhh love learning about amazing careers that I never registered as being possible!!” @kiramackenz commented.

From “pretty girl truckers” to crime scene cleaners and now submarine co-pilots, it seems more millennials and Gen Zers are gravitating to unconventional careers. The decision to move away from a typical office job may be part of pursuing a vocational, more fulfilling life.

“When working at an office job some people might feel like ‘just a number’ and that may not be fulfilling for younger people, many of whom were delayed in entering the workforce due to the pandemic and aren’t as acclimated to the traditional ‘9 to 5,’” Linda Hubbard, resident & COO at Carhartt, told Forbes. “When you think about it, work takes up a third of our lives—possibly more if you are working more than 8 hours a day. That’s a huge time investment. Younger generations, who we’re finding are typically more purpose-driven, are looking at that time investment and questioning how their work contributes to the greater good.”

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