The 'coincidence' moments where passers-by create perfect pictures

Andy Wells
·Freelance Writer

These incredible photos may look too good to not be staged but they all happened by sheer coincidence.

Photographer Ishay 'Jesse' Lindenberg specialises in capturing 'The Art of Coincidence' – waiting for unsuspecting passers-by to wander into a scene or frame that they happen to match perfectly.

Whether it is woman whose outfit matches a billboard she is walking past, or a man sat on the edge of a pavement, perfectly aligned with the tip of a 'laser beam' on graffiti behind him, Jesse's compositions are all the real deal.

The photographer, from Berlin, Germany, says he only ever has a minute at most to make sure he captures the perfectly-framed photograph – and describes his work as depicting "everyday miracles".

Lindenberg, 40, said: "This art of coincidence is a kind of silent dialogue between elements that come together for only an instance in time, before the image dissolves in a heartbeat.

"People and objects talk to each other, a passerby gets a superhero cloak, shapes and patterns form a unit never seen before…

"It is like for a brief time, reality rearranges itself in a surprising way, opening the door to new possibilities.”