Coleen Rooney’s horror over Rebekah Vardy trolling and final verdict on forgiveness

Also Wayne Rooney had plans to become a lawyer during Wagatha Christie case

Coleen Rooney as herself in Coleen Rooney: The Real Wagatha Story. (Disney+)
Coleen Rooney speaks to the camera in Wagatha Christie series. (Disney+)

What did you miss?

Coleen Rooney has laid bare her true feelings in the Coleen Rooney: The Real Wagatha Christie Disney+ series and even shared her sympathy for when Rebekah Vardy was trolled, saying: "Those comments were disgusting."

In a sensational social media post, Wayne Rooney’s wife accused the Instagram account of Rebekah Vardy of leaking fake stories about her to The Sun newspaper, which led to Wagatha Christie defamation case Vardy brought against Coleen Rooney.

However, Vardy lost the case as the court ruled Rooney’s claims were "substantially true". Vardy has always denied she was behind the leaks.

Despite everything that had happened, Coleen Rooney voiced her pain for Vardy saying she didn't deserve the trolling and that she had only wanted the leaks to stop.

At the end of the docu-series, Coleen Rooney reflected on her final verdict on forgiveness – meanwhile Vardy has escaped Wagatha bombshell series with sunny holiday.

What, how and why?

Rebekah Vardy appears at court
Rebekah Vardy was trolled after Coleen's social media post/ (Getty)

In explosive scenes from Coleen Rooney: The Real Wagatha Christie Story, the mother-of-four revealed her shock at the trolling pregnant Vardy faced in the wake of the drama.

Shortly after Coleen Rooney's post, crying Vardy appeared on Loose Women to discuss the abuse that she was suffering with on social media.

Reacting to what had happened in the Disney+ series, Coleen Rooney said: "Those comments are disgusting. No one deserves that no matter what. People were saying to me, 'How can you do that to a pregnant woman?'"

Coleen Rooney insisted she just wanted the leaks from her private Instagram account to end, she didn’t want to see Vardy suffer as a consequence of her post.

Rebekah Vardy has given her first TV interview since the Wagatha Christie scandal. (ITV)
Rebekah Vardy was tearful on Loose Women as she told her side of the story. (ITV)

She added: "I didn't put that post up to cause any harm, it’s because I’d found out who was leaking the private information and I wanted it to stop."

Concluding the three-part series, Coleen Rooney reflected on forgiveness.

Speaking to the cameras, she said: "I can now focus on everything that is important to me. We all make mistakes in life.

"When someone holds their hands up and says I’ve done wrong, you can forgive and you can move on. But she is still denying and still saying it wasn’t her so it makes it a hard thing to do."

What else happened?

Elsewhere, Wayne Rooney considered going to law school after his wife Coleen went head-to-head with Vardy in court over the Wagatha Christie bombshell.

As the rest of the nation was gripped with the Wagatha Christie saga, the former England captain admitted he too was absolutely fascinated by the case.

He said: "It was interesting. I do like crime documentaries."

Coleen Rooney added: "He was then going to apply for law school. Those little moments carried us through!"

The Rooney's marriage

Coleen and Wayne Rooney on day twelve of the 2022 Wimbledon Championships
Their marriage has been rocked by a number of scandals (Getty)

The docu-series also covered the Rooneys' marriage and the early days of their marriage.

"I knew Coleen was the girl I wanted to marry and have kids with," Wayne Rooney said. "I knew it was meant to be. That was a feeling I had from a young age."

Speaking from the heart about their marriage problems they later faced, Coleen Rooney said: "Over the years, Wayne has got himself into situations where it’s caused bad press attention. Some mistakes are harder to forgive than others.

"I know Wayne as a person and I know his qualities, I know his downfalls. There are moments when I think I don’t know him, when he’s been drinking, and that’s when he’s a totally different person."

Breaking point

The Wagatha Christie trial was hard on Coleen Rooney and she opened up about being at breaking point when she thought she was going to lose the case.

Speaking about her experience, she said: “It made me ill. It changed me as a character. I remember sitting with my dad one day. He looked at me, ‘Coleen you’re just not you any more, you look sick.’

"It was horrible because I didn’t want to be around people. I was snappy at the kids. I just hated trying to be happy. I’m a happy person, I could see people were concerned. It was constantly on my mind and I couldn't get away from it."

Can Rooney forgive?

Once the court case was done and dusted, Coleen Rooney complained she might not get all her money back after splashing out on the expensive High Court battle.

But she concluded telling the truth was the most important thing to come out of it.

She said honestly: "The money was ridiculous. I might not get all my money back. But for me getting justice for telling the truth is the most important thing."

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