Colin Farrell Denies Whispering Sweet Nothings into Fantastic Beasts Co-Star Eddie Redmayne’s Ear

No, Colin Farrel is not trying to recreate that famous Lost in Translation scene with Eddie Redmayne.

In an interview with PEOPLE Now, the Irish actor denies whispering “sweet nothings” into his Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them co-star’s ear before appearing at Comic Con — but he will admit to a little back rub!

“I have no idea what I whispered in his ear, maybe, ‘How’s the pressure?’ ” Farrell, 40, admits to host Andrea Boehlke. “I do remember giving him a bit of a massage. He had to go in front of an audience of four or five thousand people at Comic Con and do some some magic trick and get the audience all involved and he was sh—-g himself.”

“I don’t remember whispering sweet nothings, I think he’s lying,” Farrell adds.

Farrell may be denying it but Redmayne is standing by saying he had the actor “giving me a back rub and whispering sweet nothings into my ear trying to calm me down” on The Graham Norton Show in late October. “He definitely whispered,” Redmayne tells Boehlke. “He gave me a pep talk, actually. I was really anxious and he sort of gently told me that everything was going to be fine.”

“I’m really, really annoyed about this because I did not know that we had a masseuse in the cast and I feel a little left out,” adds Katherine Waterson, who plays Redmayne’s love interest Tina in the film. And while Redmayne says Farrell is “great” at giving massages, Waterson protests that she doesn’t know because he’s neglecting her. “Maybe I have to act more anxious around him,” the actress adds.

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