Comic Con: From San Diego to New York, five times celebrities went undercover to meet their fans

Natasha Sporn
Snooping: Bryan Cranston whipped off his mask to hundreds of startled fans in 2013: Kevin Winter/Getty Images


Every year, thousands of fans gather at Comic Cons around the world - from London to San Diego – and meet the stars of their favourite shows, listen to panel discussions and make new friends who share their love.

But, every so often, somebody unexpected pops up at one of these events, a famous face ready to greet their biggest fans and have some fun with the unsuspecting public.

From Lupita Nyong’o to Daniel Radcliffe to Bryan Cranston, celebrities have been hiding just around the corner at Comic Con. Here are five of the best…

Bryan Cranston

Reveal: Bryan Cranston took off his Heisenberg mask at the panel in 2013 (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

The Breaking Bad star had the ultimate disguise when he went for a wander around Comic-Con out in San Diego in 2013.

Walter White grabbed his Heisenberg mask and walked around, stopping to take photos with fans of the incredibly popular show.

Cranston only confessed his true identity when he appeared on a panel later that day, ripping his mask off to hundreds of startled fans.

Daniel Radcliffe

Spider Man: Daniel Radcliffe walked the floor in a mask (MTV)

Back in 2014, Harry Potter lead Radcliffe went undercover at San Diego Comic-Con as Spider-Man, ready to explore the new surroundings.

Radcliffe was a guest at the convention to promote his then-new film Horns as part of a panel session but couldn’t resist a quick look around.

Jared Leto

The Suicide Squad star went all out in 2015 to hide his face at New York Comic-Con by donning a hairy mask of Rafiki, the baboon from The Lion King.

On his travels, Leto fooled many a fans but was particularly pleased to pose for a photo with somebody cosplaying The Joker. He later shared the photo on Twitter, adding “He had no idea”.

Henry Cavill

The Superman star headed onto the floor at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con, posting his efforts in his Guy Fawkes mask on his Instagram page.

Cavill even managed to fool Will Smith, crouching down next to him for a photo – with his mask off – before Smith turned to him, looking shocked.

Lupita Nyong’o

Undercover: The Black Panther star donned a full disguise in 2017 (Twitter / Lupita Nyong'o)

The Black Panther star attended San Diego in 2017, dressing as the pink Power Ranger before scurrying around the huge convention centre.

Nyong’o posted her efforts on her Twitter in a minute-long clip asking who had seen her on her travels.