You need these up-and-coming affordable cool-girl brands on your radar

Naomi May
Rezek Studio: Rezek Studio

Instagram provides an infinite source of sartorial inspiration.

Whether it’s following impeccably-styled influencers or the effortlessly a la mode brands which have dressed them, it’s the perfect visual aid for fashionistas who need a splash of inspiration.

However all too often when a brand hits the big-time, one’s feed can become saturated with the same dress, in the same style, in the same pattern, by the same brand, being worn by the same clique, and all of a sudden you need a breather.

And rightly so, after all who wants to walk down the street and stroll past ten people wearing the same iteration of your dress? Not us.

So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you the low down on the cool, understated and Insta-approved ‘It’ brands that serve as an antidote to the rotation of labels you’re all too-familiar with - and have price points that sit somewhere between the high street and the high-end.

Rezek Studio

Pretty in pink (Rezek Studio )

LA-based brand Rezek Studio is the antithesis of the monochromatic and refined silhouettes perpetuated by many on the 'gram. The brand, which readily embraces bold and unapologetic colours and textures, is the brainchild of Los Angelean, Ariel Rezek, whose sole goal is to "show off and embrace every kind of woman and body shape."

The brand's second collection, which dropped this summer, is the ultimate mix of curve-hugging silhouettes, luscious silky fabrics and ostrich feather cuffs. Yes, you read that right: ostrich feather cuffs. What are you waiting for?

Stand-out piece: The Icy Blue Foxy Top ought to be a compulsory staple of everybody's wardrobe. With some Levi 501's and some slinky heels, it is the ultimate party blouse.

Cinta The Label

Cinta the Label affordable brands to know (Cinta the Label)

Founded by renowned fashion consultant Amy Sturgis in September 2018, Cinta The Label is the West-London brand inspired by the Spanish shores on which Sturgis was raised. 'Cinta' is Spanish for ribbon, and each collection takes inspiration from the silky fabrics of flamenco dancers which Sturgis was mesmerised by as a little girl. The brand is the go-to for silky slip dresses in an array of fun prints, all of which are inspired by Sturgis' love of astrology.

Stand-out piece: We can't get enough of the Millicent Bag which is not only in our favourite shade of millennial pink, but is also much bigger than it looks and holds all of our essentials.


M.92's balloon-sleeved floral dress (M.92)

The Little House on the Prairie aesthetic which has ruled the trend-roost in recent months is often dominated by high-street heroes Zara, Mango and Topshop, so it makes a refreshing change to see similar vintage-style fabrics in similar oldy-worldy styles, but from a totally independent British brand.

M.92 was founded in 2018 by two sisters who operate their business model through Instagram, as opposed to a more conventional website. Orders are placed by sliding in to their DM's, and payments are made via PayPal. Their production quantities are kept deliberately small to retain an air of exclusivity (their potent designs have permeated some of the most stylish wardrobes of prominent Instagram fashionistas.)

Stand-out piece: The balloon-sleeved floral dress is, quite frankly, the best smock dress we've seen in a while. And given that the brand offers the eradication of that all-too familiar feeling of everybody-wearing-the-same-dress-from-Zara, we're typing a DM to the girls at M.92 right now.



Founded by NET-A-PORTER alum, Anina Heé, Refine focusses on timeless pieces that transcend the fleeting nature of fast fashion.

As opposed to designing pieces driven by trends, Heé focussed on channelling the 90's style silhouette for today's consumer in an autumnal palette of black, white, brown and the pearliest baby blue.

Stand-out piece: The Carolyn is the most stunning bias-cut slip dress which will work throughout all four seasons, and in the years to come. It's a true ride-or-die.

Emma Brewin

(Emma Brewin )

Kent-based designer Emma Brewin launched her namesake faux-fur label upon graduating from the University of Rochester.

The brand has an intentionally laser-sharp focus on sustainability - it uses all of its scraps to make its Puss Puss earrings, which has reduced its waste by 96 per cent - and everything is made to order in the UK.

Stand-out piece: Brewin's fuzzy hats are the remedy to Britain's signature grey and drab weather: we're particularly loving the Pistachio Bucket.

Georgia Alice

(Georgia Alice )

Pared-back New Zealand-based brand Georgia Alice has quickly garnered a cult cool-girl following its creation in 2012.

Founded by 29-year-old New Zealander Georgia Alice, the brand carved out its alternate offering to Mary-Kate and Ashley's The Row with a collection of sophisticated separates which hold their own when worn together or apart.

Stand-out piece: The Vegas Top in Gold is the only metallic piece you will ever need. Never knew perfection could exist in a form of clothing? Well now you do.

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