Complaints Hit BBC Over ‘Incomprehensible Mumbling’ And Swearing On Peaky Blinders

Popular drama Peaky Blinders is facing complaints from viewers moaning about muffled dialogue and poor sound.

They say they couldn’t understand the series, which follows Cillian Murphy – below at a Press call for the show and with the series’ Paul Anderson and Helen McCrory – and Charlotte Riley as Birmingham-based gangsters during the 1920s.

The Beeb’s viewer feedback show Points Of View said it had been contacted by members of the audience upset about the dialogue.

One viewer told the show: “I was very disappointed with the quality of the sound, which sounded very muffled to both myself and my husband.

“This detracted from our enjoyment of the programme and also our understanding of the plot.”

Another viewer said: “Is it just me or is the sound quality on Peaky Blinders a bit dodgy tonight? Hard to hear speech on indoor scenes.”

Some fans whinged the show, on Thursdays at 9pm, was packed with too much swearing.

The complaints may explain why viewing figures dropped by 500,000 between the series’ opening episode and the second.

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