'Confused' Jeremy Clarkson amuses Twitter followers with post about budget news

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Jeremy Clarkson at the Memorial Hall in Chadlington, where he held a showdown meeting with local residents over concerns about his Oxfordshire farm shop. Picture date: Thursday September 9, 2021.
Jeremy Clarkson amused fans with his latest tweet. (PA)

Jeremy Clarkson made his fans laugh by sharing two totally different newspaper headlines about the budget and admitting: “I’m confused.”

The former Top Gear star tweeted a picture of an article in the Daily Mail that had the headline “At last! A true Tory budget", with the word "true" underlined.

But he shared a screen grab of another story that he stuck alongside it that referred to the “mini-Budget debacle”.

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“I’m confused. Which is it?” asked the Grand Tour star.

Clarkson’s followers on the platform were tickled by the 62-year-old's observation.

And many of those who joined the lively discussion admitted that they were a little stumped by the whole thing too.

“Your guess is as good as mine,” joked one of the presenter’s followers.

“Whatever one you’re in the mood for!” said another fan, as one quipped: "Depends on which way the wind blows."

“It’s both," somebody else chimed in. "Obviously. Depending on what day it is.”

And someone else warned the presenter: “Don’t get too confused, it could all change quickly.”

“All of the above?” suggested another person.

Jeremy Clarkson leaves the Noel Coward Theatre in London after watching a performance of "Quiz".
Jeremy Clarkson said that he felt 'confused'. (PA)

One person tweeted: “That's why I hate the media and general ambiguity on the internet. There's always a second opinion that sounds exactly the same but has a difference that can change everything.”

And another told the TV star: “It’s politics Jeremy. No one is supposed to figure it out.”

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A couple of fans praised the who Wants To Be A Millionaire? host for being straight-talking.

“Thank you Jeremy for always having the courage to speak the truth in Woketopia,” said one person.

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