Conor McGregor reveals what he should’ve done differently against Floyd Mayweather

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<p>McGregor says he’s keen to invest in a club in future</p> (Getty)

McGregor says he’s keen to invest in a club in future


Conor McGregor has conceded he should have instructed his sparring partners to “press forward” more to give himself a better chance against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The Irishman lost a boxing match to the American in 2017, though his consolation was an enormous purse thought to be around £92 million.

But ‘The Notorious’ has reflected on his failed effort, which result in him being knocked out after 10 rounds, with the realisation that he needed to be stronger in the closing rounds of the contest.

“I’d have people press forward in sparring. Especially in the later rounds,” McGregor admitted.

“A fresh body pressing forward for the last 4 rounds.”

McGregor also took aim at Mayweather Jr for his plans to fight YouTube star Logan Paul next.

McGregor wrote to Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions: “Hey , what the f*** is Floyd at?

“The kid [Paul] curled up, didn’t fight back once, and Floyd is still running around acting the tough guy.

“The kid actually just pulled this shambles of a situation Floyd is in out of the drain for him. He should thank him. It’s embarrassing! Pro to pro it’s embarrassing. He will not scratch 10m for this fight and he knows it. It was cancelled once already.

“The world is watching this on Twitter. He’d fight a half decent pro and command 20m upwards, yet it’s this s***. Whatever way you spin this, it’s sad. Fight someone for real, on your record, or f*** off mate. Slap head!”

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