Convicted paedophile admits to police he can't stop himself

Russell Wilkin was arrested in his home town of Leamingon (Rex)
Russell Wilkin was arrested in his home town of Leamingon (Rex)

A convicted paedophile has admitted to police he cannot stop himself from looking at indecent photos of pre-teen children – and even tried to delete images as officers arrived at his house.

Russell Wilkin was caught with x-rated pictures of children as young as 12 as well as others of bestiality on his phone as officers visited his Leamington Spa home.

He told the police: ‘I’m still looking, I can’t help myself.’

Wilkin, who had previously been given a suspended sentence, has now been jailed for 19 months.

The 35-year-old had breached a community order imposed for similar offences, for which he was sentenced a year ago.

He also admitted possessing extreme pornography, breaching a sexual harm prevention order.

Wilkin was also ordered to register as a sex offender for an indefinite period.

Warwick Crown Court heard that in February last year Wilkin had been given a three-year community order after pleading guilty to four charges of making indecent images of children.


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He had also been ordered to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work, to register as a sex offender for five years and to take part in a sex offender’s treatment programme.

But it was only three months after that when police visited his home and asked to check his phone.

As well as the images they found he had searched for photos of pre-teen girls.

As a result, in September last year he was given a four-month prison sentence suspended for two years.

But in April this year, he was paid another visit and when he came to the door he was holding his phone.

The officer took it from him, and in the ‘deleted’ part of the phone’s memory were five category C images of girls as young as 12, as well as images of bestiality.

There was also a Facebook account in a false name, with a number of ‘friend requests’ from young girls, reported theCourier.

The judge said that Wilkin was ‘moving towards potential contact offences’.