Copenhagen Zoo Releases 1937 Footage Of Goliath The Giant Elephant Seal

Vintage footage of an enormous elephant seal has been released by Copenhagen Zoo nearly 80 years after it was filmed.

The black and white footage shows the gargantuan seal, named Goliath, going about his daily business at the zoo in 1937, when he called it home.

Enormous - the footage shows huge elephant seal Goliath feeding (Pictures: Copenhagen Zoo)

In the video Goliath, who weighed around 2.5 tonnes and ate 88 pounds of fish a day, gently takes fish from people’s hands as well as climbing in and out of the deep pool in his enclosure.

Copenhagen Zoo is one of the oldest in Europe and since it opened in 1859, it has housed exotic animals including giant tortoises from Madagascar, shoe-billed storks and painting chimpanzees.

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In 2014 the zoo sparked outrage by euthanizing a healthy young male giraffe named Marius, then cutting it up publicly and feeding it to its lions.

Despite the controversy over the killing of Marius, that year the zoo went on to kill four African lions to make way for a new male lion.

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