Coronation Street DS Swain's daughter's identity 'exposed' as fans predict huge twist

Coronation Street's DS Swain
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Betsy Swain, the mysterious offspring of DS Swain, is yet to officially step on the cobbles in Corrie.

Underworld boss Carla Connor (Alison King) recently extended a work experience offer to the young'un after bonding with her mum, and she's set to join the factory next week.

Boss lady Carla and Fiz Brown (Jenny McAlpine) are seriously impressed by her skills at the sewing machine. However, it's not all plain sailing when Betsy gets into a bit of a tiff with Carla, who confiscates her mobile for texting on the job.

Even though fans have yet to meet Betsy, they're sure she's the mate of Sabrina Adetiba's (Luana Santos) who recently advised her to give sneaky solicitor Joel Deering (Callum Lil) a wide berth.

Coronation Street fans are concerned they've rumbled evil Joel Deering's next victim, which could lead to the sinister solicitor's downfall on the ITV soap
Fans think Betsy has secretly made her debut without fans knowing -Credit:ITV

Sabrina's friend swung by, calling Joel out as a creep and suggesting Sabrina stay well away. She then took his business card, pretending to bin it, but secretly pocketed it instead, reports the Daily Star.

Later on, viewers watched as this mysterious newcomer confronted Joel, trying to blackmail him whilst boasting about her "big gob" and threatening to uncover his dodgy antics.

Soap connoisseurs now believe they've cottoned onto who this new face might be. Taking to X, previously known as Twitter, one eagle-eyed viewer queried: "Sabrina's mate looks a lot like DS Swain, is this her daughter? It's gonna go down for Joel in #Corrie! ".

Speculation is rife among fans, with one suggesting: "Just a thought, what if Sabrina's mystery unnamed friend (the one who is blackmailing Joel) is Betsy - DS Swain's daughter? " Another viewer chimed in: "Swains daughter 100%" and another added their theory: "As a guess DS swains daughter as she is supposed to be appearing."

A particularly observant reddit user contributed: "Word is around the web that we have already met Betsy, as a new video on the Official Twitter was posted late last night of Sabrina's friend taunting Joel."

DS Swain
DS Swain

The plot thickens as the friend remains unnamed. "The friend has not been named as of today. Could this be Betsy Swain who is warning Sabrina about steering clear of Joel. Can Sabrina be saved from impending doom? The actress playing the friend is Sydney Martin. She looks like she will be part of Max and Bobby's group. A girlfriend for Max perhaps? ".

The answer to the mystery of Betsy's identity will be unveiled next week, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the reveal.

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