Coronation Street fans say they 'still can't believe' as character 'back' amid villain 'return'

Abi Webster in Coronation Street
Abi Webster in Coronation Street -Credit:ITV

Coronation Street fans have said they 'still can't believe' the death of Seb Franklin as the loss came crashing down on Abi Webster following news about his murderer, Corey Brent.

It's been three years since Corey was last seen on the ITV soap and following his arrival in 2019, played by Maximus Evans, he was quickly involved in a shocking hate crime attack on Nina Lucas and her boyfriend Seb which claimed the latter's life.

It was then revealed in flashback scenes last month that the young footballer was responsible for kicking the builder until he was motionless on the floor with him later dying from his injuries. But it took time for the truth to prevail as Nina experienced memory loss as a result of the trauma and Corey managed to avoid any responsibility in the first trial with Kelly Neelan being blamed for Seb's death.

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While Corey was eventually locked up in 2021, Abi was left shocked during scenes aired on Monday night (May 20) when she switched on the radio to hear the presenter singing the praises of Corey and his football prowess. Abi was left horrified as her husband Kevin is forced to reveal that Corey is playing for a prison team and is part of a new documentary.

Angry at Kevin for keeping the news from her, she later watched the documentary and as it painted Corey as a hero, Abi was left incandescent. She later informed Nina and the pair headed to the offices of the TV company responsible for the documentary and barge their way into the producer’s office demanding answers.

Abi and Nina returned to the cobbles, and police officer Craig Tinker showed up at the garage to speak to Abi as there had been a complaint made about her. While he threatened to take her to the station if she continued to get irate. But she was later encouraged when Gazette writer Suki Waters got involved with the offer of an interview.

Abi headed for a confrontation at the TV production company -Credit:ITV
Abi headed for a confrontation at the TV production company -Credit:ITV

Abi asked if they could film her instead and post an unedited version online, in the hopes of deterring people from watching the documentary. In the moving scenes, Abi spoke about the amazing young man Seb had been until his life was cut short, describing how he had been kicked to death by the man being praised while in prison.

Following the scenes, Corrie fans were emotional over the reminder of Seb's death and also claimed Abi was 'back' as she took matters into her own hands after a peaceful period without any drama.

@nixybobs said: "I still cannot believe Seb died in that. Like I did not see it coming at all. The storyline is stil close, anyone who is like Nina in any way, it hit. Brilliant storyline. Fictional I know but Corey deserves no airtime anywhere." @tracyd1805 wrote: "Such an emotional scene. Obviously fantastic acting once again."

@timrichardjones commented: "Wow loved it & so true & really feel sorry for Abi plus glad she didn't want it editing so they could change it." @RyanTheSoapking added: "Well done Abi! Some powerful scenes from Sally Carman tonight. So glad that Abi is back getting the content she deserves. One of #Corrie's best characters in my opinion"