Coronation Street fans work out who is targeting Abi Webster and 'would put money on it'

Abi Webster in Coronation Street
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Coronation Street fans think they have worked out who is targeting Abi Webster as she was left devastated to find out a sex tape had been released featuring her. The mechanic hasn't been having the best of times having recently been reminded of her son's murderer in the ITV soap.

Abi was left shocked during scenes aired on Monday night (May 20) when she switched on the radio to hear the presenter singing the praises of Corey Brent and his football prowess as he remains behind bars. Abi was left horrified as her husband Kevin is forced to reveal that Corey is playing for a prison team and is part of a new documentary.

Angry at Kevin for keeping the news from her, she later watched the documentary and as it painted Corey as a hero, Abi was left incandescent. She later informed Nina and the pair headed to the offices of the TV company responsible for the documentary and barge their way into the producer’s office demanding answers before she was later visited by police officer Craig Tinker following a complaint.

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But things got worse for Abi during Wednesday night's (May 22) Corrie when she became the victim of a deepfake porn video. She was alerted to the video by colleague and pal Tyrone Dobbs as he tentatively told her he'd received an email containing a sex tape of Abi.

Abi was mortified after claiming she'd never filmed a sex video before, worrying that it was something she could not remember from her past when she was in the midst of her drug addiction.

While Abi yet to learn that the video is not real, and is a deepfake with someone setting her up, believing she was the woman in the video, she spoke to Kevin, who believed the video was real, and was unimpressed with his wife's past as As Abi was determined to find out who had sent the video, she said she would go to the police.

Tyrone had to tell Abi what he had saw -Credit:ITV
Tyrone had to tell Abi what he had saw -Credit:ITV

The video appeared to coincide with her former dealer Dean coming back to the show out of nowhere, asking her for money. Cassie Plummer caught their altercation, as Abi demanded he leave her alone but later, Cassie listened by the garage door as Abi phoned Dean, arranging to meet him.

And while she thinks Dean must be behind the video, with more yet to come, Corrie fans think Abi needs to look much closer to home. @carolehenderson6 said: "Would put money on it that Cassie is behind this deep fake video she is desperate to split Kevin and Abi up as she wants him for herself."

@littlemisstez commented: "Cassie up to her tricks again." @murphy.bridget shared: "I think Cassie has done it she's after Kevin." @fishwickruth predicted: "Cassie is doing all of this." @rebgardiner added: "I reckon Cassie is behind the Abi tapes, she's be trying to set her up since she arrived. #Corrie."