Coronation Street star addresses unfinished business between Sarah and Gary

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Tina O'Brien has hinted there's unfinished business between her character Sarah Platt and her ex Gary Windass.

Back in April, Gary was left stunned when Sarah made a pass at him following a heart-to-heart after Sarah was dumped by her partner Damon Hay.

Gary's wife Maria later found out about the incident after her husband had been spending too much time with Sarah, as she faced her own crisis with son Liam.

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Speaking about Sarah's situation with Gary, Tina said: "[Sarah's] got this odd connection with Gary. They always had this ability to tell each other things that they wouldn’t tell other people.

"I think because he saw her at her worst I think they do tend to gravitate back to that depth of emotion.

"He shouldn’t be telling her how things have been with Maria, but he did, despite knowing it’s probably not the right thing to do. Did they think they were getting up to anything? Probably not, but were they breaking a certain code, yes."

Tina went on to say that the pair still have a bond, and with Bethany's abuser Nathan Curtis back on the street, it might be strengthened.

"There’s definitely still a bond there, especially with Nathan back on the scene," Tina said.

"Gary was there when Bethany went through that the first time. He knew exactly how horrific it was, and rightly or wrongly, I think he’s doing what he can trying to help get Nathan out of the picture."

Coronation Street recently revealed the upcoming storylines for nine key characters, aka, the women of Weatherfield.

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In upcoming episodes, we'll see how far Sarah is willing to go to protect her daughter Bethany as Nathan makes his "presence felt".

When asked if she could see Sarah getting on the wrong side of the law to protect Bethany, Sarah said: "I think she’d pretty much do anything.

"She’s already broken the law by trying to pay him to leave, so she’s crossed that line, and I think she’ll do whatever it takes. She’s got another plan forming in her head, and she’s clearly not thinking straight, but she’s just trying to put her daughter first."

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