Coronation Street's Rowan Cunliffe's real plan for Leanne 'exposed' after recording reveal

Coronation Street viewers witnessed a twist with newcomer Rowan Cunliffe on the ITV soap on Friday
Corrie revealed a twist about Rowan -Credit:ITV

Coronation Street viewers believe they've figured out Rowan Cunliffe's true intentions for Leanne Battersby, following a recent plot twist.

Rowan was shown to be concealing something from Leanne on Friday's episode, as he persistently nudged her towards his self-improvement institute. He also managed to distance her from her husband Nick Tilsley and even her sister Toyah Battersby during her time of need.

Rowan prompted Leanne to delve into her past and confront the trauma she has experienced, using his techniques to guide her in vocalising aspects of her life. He further convinced her of his expertise in this area, while simultaneously advising her not to shoulder anyone else's problems.

Leanne bared her soul about her past, including her stint as an escort, and opened up about the loss of her young son Oliver. She expressed feelings of judgement and believed she was being penalised for her past actions.

Rowan seemed to have all the right comforting words, but also made her believe that his methods were effective in improving her mindset. He asserted that by utilising his uploading tools and reality coding, she could overcome her trauma and foster positivity, reports the Mirror.

When this approach seemed to work, she lauded Rowan and expressed her intention to follow more of his advice. In fact, later in the episode, she even cut off her sister Toyah who was about to share something with her, telling her she didn't want to hear it.

Leanne Battersby looking grave
Leanne poured her heart out about her past -Credit:ITV

Before this, Rowan waited for Leanne to leave before revealing that he had been secretly recording all their conversations. He stopped the recording, and his phone displayed several other voice recordings, all labelled 'Home'.

Strangely, all these recordings were made the previous day, and then he was seen saving a recording of Leanne's conversation. It wasn't clear whether any of the other recordings were from Leanne or their discussions throughout the week.

It appeared that Rowan had recorded others as well, possibly recording sessions with different people on the same day, with around seven recordings in total. So, what is Rowan planning, and what does he intend to do with Leanne's statements?

Coronation Street may have revealed what Rowan Cunliffe is really up to
Rowan has been secretly recording Leanne -Credit:ITV

Corrie fans speculated that he wasn't sincere and was not listening to her for support but rather to extort money from her. Viewers wondered if he would later use the information she shared with him, all recorded, against her.

Fans have been speculating on social media about the potential for blackmail in the storyline involving Rowan. One viewer speculated: "Perhaps that Rowan will blackmail Leanne with the info she 'uploads' to him," while another echoed the sentiment, saying: "Rowan: tell me all your secrets. Non-one is listening but I might blackmail you about them later."

A third chimed in with: "I think Rowan gets people to tell them secrets about their lives and blackmails them," and a fourth posed the question: "Is idiot Rowan going to use whatever Leanne is telling him against her at some point?

Emrhys Cooper, who portrays Rowan, shared insights with The Mirror about his character's motivations and why he has targeted Leanne. He revealed: "He can see people that are more susceptible. He can definitely see that Leanne is packing a lot, and he knows the right buttons to press. It's going to be interesting to see what he does. [Fans should] keep an eye on what he's gonna get up to."

Discussing Rowan's connection with the organisation, Cooper added: "It's been brilliant for him, and he credits the organisation with totally turning his life around. He was a wild lad in his youth, and when he got into a fight and was arrested he resolved to change course. It was joining Autovalent that saved him."

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