Coronavirus: Number of UK COVID-19 deaths jump to 281 as confirmed cases rise to 5,683

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK
On Sunday the Department of Health confirmed 5,683 new cases of coronavirus had been reported in the UK, with a total of 281 deaths. (AP)

The number of confirmed UK coronavirus cases climbed to 5,683 on Sunday.

The Department of Health released the figures at 5pm.

The number of deaths in patients who were confirmed to have coronavirus has risen to 281 – a rise of 48 since Saturday’s total.

As of 9am on Sunday, 78,340 people had been tested for coronavirus in the UK.

Coronavirus information being shown on an LED information board on Upper Parliament Street in Nottingham. (PA)

Before the daily update was released, Boris Johnson tweeted: “We will get through this together, and we will beat the virus.

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“To win this fight, we need everyone to follow our advice: as far as possible, we want you to stay at home. The more effectively everyone does this, the faster this country will recover. #StayHomeSaveLives.”

Speaking at Sunday’s daily press conference at Downing Street, Boris Johnson said: “I want to thank everybody in the country today for the whole effort we are collectively making.

“You name it, absolutely everybody who is keeping this country going today. I want to thank everyone who didn’t visit their mum for Mother’s Day, but Skyped them or rang them instead. Thank you for your sacrifice, I know how tough it must be.”

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Globally, there have been more than 315,992 cases confirmed, with 13,589 people diagnosed with the infection having died, according to Johns Hopkins University. More than half of those were in China and Italy.

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Wales has increased to 347, after a further 71 patients tested positive.

On Sunday, Public Health Wales announced a further seven people had died, bringing the number to 12.

Dr Giri Shankar, of Public Health Wales, said: “Starting tomorrow, Welsh Government will be writing to all the GPs and vulnerable individuals in Wales with the details of the shielding guidance published.

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“Members of the public should continue to follow the latest public health advice on social isolation if they have symptoms of the coronavirus infection, however mild, and the social distancing guidance to reduce the risk of transmission”


In Scotland, the number of people who have died after testing positive for coronavirus in rose to 10, after the Scottish government said three more had died on Sunday.

It said that as of 2pm on Saturday, there had been 8,679 Scottish tests, with 416 positive.

On Saturday evening Boris Johnson said the NHS could be overwhelmed – similarly to how Italy's health service has been – if people do not heed advice on social distancing.

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It follows the prime minister ordering a total shutdown of all restaurants, pubs, bars and other social venues.

Boris Johnson is urging people to stay at home in order to stop the spread of COVID-19. (PA)

Next week, an emergency bill will be put through Parliament that will give police special powers to enforce the law.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, London mayor Sadiq Khan warned Londoners to refrain from mixing and to take the government’s social distancing guidelines seriously – saying that otherwise “people will die” as COVID-19 spreads rapidly in the capital.

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Last week, health secretary Matt Hancock said the NHS would issue new social distancing advice to 1.4 million people considered ‘at greater risk’ from the coronavirus pandemic.

The health secretary said a communication will be sent via text message to 1.4 million people on Monday who are classed as vulnerable. (PA)

Hancock said a communication would be sent via text message to people who are classed as vulnerable, setting out specific action for them to take.

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The guidelines for people with serious underlying health conditions such as cancer, cystic fibrosis and diseases of the body system will ask them stop all social contact for a 12-week period from Monday.

The health secretary said that although the new rules were a "really big ask", the new advice was being sent out for "people's own protection".

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