Coronavirus: Which countries have citizens infected by the disease?

People pass by a screen warning about a new coronavirus in a subway station in Seoul, South Korea (AP)

Chinese authorities said on Tuesday that the death toll in mainland China from the coronavirus outbreak had risen to 425, with the number of cases standing at 20,438.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday that it is still early in the outbreak, but coronavirus does not yet constitute a pandemic.

Cases of the deadly disease have already been confirmed in dozens of major cities across the globe.

But which cities are most at risk, and what is being done to stop the spread of coronavirus?

Travel bans have been put in place in several countries around the world (AP)
The virus has been spreading rapidly across the globe as people flee China (PA)

Which countries have been infected so far?

About 150 cases have been reported in two dozen other countries.

According to research carried out by analysts at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, the city of Hubei at the heart of the virus’s epicentre in Wuhan has seen the most cases and deaths so far.

A total of 414 people have died in the city and there have been 13,522 confirmed cases.

In Beijing, by comparison, there have been 228 confirmed cases and just one death – according to research from the university’s Center for Systems Science and Engineering.

Outside China, Bangkok in Thailand has seen the most recorded cases at 25, followed by Singapore with 24.

As of Tuesday there have been 17 confirmed cases in Hong Kong, with one recorded death.

The worst affected Western nation is Germany, with 12 people diagnosed with coronavirus so far in Germersheim.

Isolated cases have also been confirmed in the US cities of Seattle, Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago.

The Chinese government has constructed a brand new hospital in the city of Hubei in response to the crisis (Getty)

Where have travel bans been put in place?

All but two of Hong Kong’s land and sea crossings with the mainland were closed at midnight on Tuesday after more than 2,000 hospital workers went on strike.

The Philippines banned the entry of all non-citizens from China after two cases were confirmed there, including the only death outside China.

The US, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia have imposed similar restrictions despite criticism from China and WHO’s guidance that such measures were unnecessary.

South Korea, which has 15 confirmed cases, quarantined 800 soldiers who had recently visited China, Hong Kong or Macao or who had contact with people who had.

Britons in mainland China have been told to leave in case authorities force more towns and cities into lockdown, an expert said.

A total of 94 UK nationals and family members have been evacuated to Britain from Wuhan, the city in Hubei province at the epicentre of the outbreak, on two flights which arrived on Friday and Sunday.

The UK’s Department of Health said that, as of Tuesday, 414 people have tested negative for coronavirus.

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