Corrie fans predict identity of Joel's blackmailer and suspect link to familiar face

Coronation Street enthusiasts believe they've cracked the case of who is blackmailing Joel - and it's not looking good.

As viewers will remember, the menacing lawyer, played by Calum Lill, was unmasked as the mystery assailant of Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton) last month. The troubled teen disappeared earlier this year and is feared dead.

Despite fan favourite Roy Cropper (David Neilson) being jailed for her murder, corrupt cop Kit Green (Jacob Roberts) planted Lauren's DNA in paedophile Nathan Curtis's (Christopher Harper) van, setting him up.

However, the truth about Lauren's disappearance was revealed to viewers: she was actually murdered by twisted lawyer Joel. Since then, Joel has been living life as usual, currently planning his wedding with fiancee Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown).

Joel was revealed as Lauren's attacker -Credit:ITV

But in recent episodes, he's grown closer to Max Turner's on-and-off girlfriend Sabrina. In a moment of distress outside the police station, Sabrina caught Joel's eye and he found out her brother had been arrested, reports the Daily Star.

Quick to lend a hand, Joel gave her his business card and told her to ring him. And during Monday's episode (June 24), Joel took Sabrina for a coffee - where he enticed her with alcohol. Trying to win over Sabrina, Joel left her flattered as he told her she reminded him of an ex and that he was "punching" with his former partner.

Joel offerd his services to Sabrina in Coronation Street
He has appeared to set his sights on Sabrina -Credit:No credit

Sabrina's mate was quick to label Joel a creep, urging her to steer clear. In a sly move, she pretended to bin his card but secretly pocketed it.

The plot thickened when the enigmatic young woman later faced off with Joel, threatening to spill the beans on his unsavoury antics. She boldly claimed to have a "big gob" and made it clear she could blow his cover wide open.

Soap enthusiasts are now convinced they've cracked the identity of the new face in town. On X, previously known as Twitter, speculation is rife.

Fans have 'worked out' who she is -Credit:ITV

One user theorised: " Sabrina's mate looks a lot like DS Swain, is this her daughter? It's gonna go down for Joel in #Corrie! ".

Another chimed in with their own hunch: "Just a thought, what if Sabrina's mystery unnamed friend (the one who is blackmailing Joel) is Betsy - DS Swain's daughter? " Echoing the sentiment, another viewer declared: "Swains daughter 100%" while yet another speculated: "As a guess DS swains daughter as she is supposed to be appearing."

Some fans also fear that this newcomer might end up being another notch on Joel's belt of victims. One concerned viewer posted: "Oh sh*t, Sabrina's mate is next #Corrie."

Another predicted a grim fate: "Sabrina's mate gonna come to a sticky end." And a third concurred: "Sabrina's mate will be Joel's next victim #Corrie."

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