Could our civilisation be on the verge of collapse? The signs are ‘already visible’

Picture Rex
Picture Rex

Could our civilisation be on the verge of a total collapse – like what happened to previous civilisations such as the Mayans?

Yes, says an expert on Mayan civilisation – and some recognisable signs might already be here.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Arthur Demarest, a professor at Vanderbilt University who specialises in the end of civilisations, says that we could already be seeing the signs now.

Scarily, the rise of politicians like Donald Trump isn’t the problem – rather, they’re a symptom of an ongoing collapse.

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Demarest says, ‘Trump is a symptom more than a cause. It’s the pressure for shorter and shorter term results. What happens when things not keep up, and people get dissatisfied. The problem is that it can’t be done quickly.

‘You see it in bubbles – the hi-tech bubble – something that’s been successful, but that’s already beginning to undermine the system, leading to collapse

‘It’s more and more expenditure, it’s leaders competing with other leaders, it makes everything more and more fragile.’

Demarest says that the collapse, when it comes, can be very quick indeed – with Mayan civilisation going from a relative peak in 790AD to being ‘in pieces’ by 810AD.

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