Could Saturn’s Moon Harbour Aliens? Probe’s Image Shows Titan's Hazy Surface

The image shows the moon's icy surface glinting beneath the haze


NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has captured a stunning image of the hazy surface of Saturn’s moon Titan - which some scientists believe could harbour alien life.

It was captured by NASA’s Cassini probe, which has taken spectacular images of Saturn and its 60 moons for the past decade.

The composite image shows an infrared view of Titan from 6,200 miles, which allowed the probe to captured views of wide areas.

The view looks toward terrain that is mostly on the Saturn-facing hemisphere of Titan.

The scene features the parallel, dark, dune-filled regions named Fensal (to the north) and Aztlan (to the south), which form the shape of a sideways letter "H."

In 2010, the Cassini probe detected anomalies on the surface which could indicate the presence of methane-producing organisms - but could also be produced by non-organic processes.

Titan, nearly a billion miles from the Sun and a little larger than the Earth's own moon, is mostly frozen.

It only receives about 1 percent of the sunlight that Earth gets. As a result, it is unimaginably frigid.

At minus 180 Centigrade its water ice is rock solid, at least on the surface.