Council ditches controversial ban on swearing at Salford Quays - which didn't actually see anyone fined for swearing

Panoramic aerial view of Salford Quays , Manchester, UK
A swearing ban in Salford Quays has been abandoned, according to reports (Picture: Getty)

Authorities have ditched a controversial ban on swearing at Salford Quays.

Salford Council had previously included a ban on bad language in a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) designed to tackle anti-social behaviour in the area.

The order, banning ‘foul and abusive’ language, has now expired and a new one in its place doesn’t include the section on swearing.

Campaigners for free speech have welcomed the decision to scrap the swearing ban, which it is believed came following discussions with local residents and workers.

According to reports, nobody has been fined for swearing in Salford Quays.

Lara ten Caten, a lawyer for human rights organisation Liberty, tweeted: “About f.....time!!!! Ban on SWEARING at Salford Quays ditched.

“This was a prime example of the misuse of #PSPOs and we @libertyhq are glad Salford has seen sense.

“PSPO powers are too broad, are ripe for misuse and chip away at our rights and freedoms.


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The new PSPO, which came into force on July 25, includes clauses banning people from jumping from or climbing on bridges, throwing things in the water, and swimming.

Anyone who breaches the order faces a £100 on-the-spot fine.

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