Council paints double yellow lines around pothole instead of fixing it

Workers painted lines around the hole in the road (Picture: SWNS)

A council has sparked anger among residents after painting double yellow lines around a pothole instead of fixing it.

Workers painted the lines around the hole in the road on a road in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

It has been reported that the crater, which is four feet long, has been there since 2009.

But instead of repairing the pothole in Frenchay Road, council staff merely painted double yellow lines around it.

The council says it will rectify the lines (Picture: SWNS)

The painted lines weave into the road away from the footpath.

One local resident complained about the work, saying that the road should be filled in.


Nick Hayman said: “North Somerset Council is more interested in making money from parking fines than repairing roads in Weston-super-Mare.

“This is just another example that the council are more interested in getting revenue from parking fines than spending money on repairing roads.”

Instead of repairing the pothole, council staff painted lines around it(Picture: SWNS)

The council spent £199,000 repairing potholes in the area last year.

It is estimated that 9,000 potholes were permanently repaired by the council.

A spokesman for the council told Metro: “We can’t defend this. We got it wrong.

“We will repair the road surface as soon as possible and have the lining put back correctly.”