Count Binface - who is standing against Rishi Sunak in the election - coming to Hull on tour

Count Binface will be bringing his comedy show to Hull in September
-Credit: (Image: Count Binface)

One of Britain's best-known novelty political figures, who is taking on Rishi Sunak in this week's General Election, will be heading on tour to Hull later this year.

Count Binface is an "intergalactic space warrior" who has appeared in the past three general elections, beaming his way into the constituencies of standing Prime Ministers with his "MEGA plans" to "Make Earth Great Again". He is currently a candidate going toe-to-toe with the Conservative leader in the Richmond and Northallerton seat, in North Yorkshire, with a manifesto pledging the likes of cheaper croissants, the nationalisation of Adele, Wi-Fi on trains "that works", the return of Ceefax, and to make "all water bosses take a dip in British rivers to see how they like it".

He also wants to ban loud snacks from cinema and theatres, make National Yorkshire Pudding Day a Bank Holiday, cap the price of 99 flakes to 99p, and make Claudia Winkleman's fringe Grade-I listed.


He first took on Theresa May in the 2017 General Election, "cunningly disguised" as 'Lord Buckethead', and appeared on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and at the Glastonbury Festival. He also ran to be Mayor of London in 2021 "in a bid to gain control of the Earth Capital itself", receiving 92,896 votes. He ran again this year and garnered 24,260 votes.

Following his General Election campaign, Binface will be heading on tour later this year, including a stop at Social, in Humber Street, Hull, from 7pm on Tuesday, September 17.

His live comedy show, Bindependence Day, will feature his unique take on Britain, his special brand of sci-fi satire, and more.

Tickets are available now at

The full list of candidates for the Richmond & Northallerton constituency in the 2024 General Election are as follows:

  • Independent - Jason Barnett

  • Count Binface Party - Count Binface

  • Liberal Democrats - Daniel Callaghan

  • Independent - Angie Campion

  • Workers Party - Louise Dickens

  • Green - Kevin Foster

  • Yorkshire - Rio Goldhammer

  • Independent - Niko Omilana

  • Independent - Brian Richmond

  • Monster Raving Loony - Sir Archibald Stanton

  • Conservative - Rishi Sunak

  • Reform UK - Lee Taylor

  • Labour - Tom Wilson