'Countdown' contestant beams as Rachel Riley has to spell out another saucy word

Rachel Riley appeared on Countdown yesterday (Channel 4)

Channel 4 daytime fixture Countdown saw one contestant make Rachel Riley have to spell out a cheeky word on the programme yesterday.

Contestant Paul Nixon had the letters "SEORJGSIE" to work with on the programme where he grinned to himself while announcing his answer of "orgies" to Nick Hewer.

The presenter repeated the word back to Nixon to ensure he'd heard him correctly before Susie Dent in Dictionary Corner confirmed "Yeah, definitely in there. Very good."

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Meanwhile guest Pam Ayres offered up an alternative in the form of the word "rejigs" although said she couldn't provide "nothing more exciting" compared with Nixon's answer.

Rachel Riley looked red-faced on yesterday's Countdown. (Channel 4)

It isn't the first time a player has come up with a rather brazen suggestion of course, as another contestant earlier in the year offered up "hentai" as an answer.

Although lexicographer Dent defined it as “a subgenre of a Japanese anime or manga”, she didn't mention the more lewd aspects of the art form which, as the Oxford Dictionary states is "characterised by overtly sexualised characters and sexually explicit images and plots”.

As the tweet below demonstrates, this sort of thing seems to be happening more and more on the quiz show.

Riley, 33, is currently expecting her first baby with husband and Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer Pasha Kovalev, announcing she was with child back in May.

Rachel Riley and Pasha Kovalev. The pregnant Countdown star said her unborn baby stopped kicking in the womb for two days due to stress caused by online trolls.

The pair wed in secret earlier in the year during a trip to Las Vegas as Rachel declared the news in an Instagram post featuring a snap of her and her new spouse where she captioned the photo: "Introducing the new Mr and Mrs Kovalev. We both said yes!"

Riley and Kovalev later enjoyed a romantic honeymoon as they traveled around Europe.