This Country star Michael Sleggs reveals he is dying of cancer aged 33

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'This Country' actor Michael Sleggs has revealed he is dying of terminal cancer (Instagram)

This Country star Michael Sleggs has revealed he is dying from terminal cancer.

The 33-year-old actor, who plays Slugs on the BAFTA-winning mockumentary comedy, took to Facebook to share the news.

"As a lot of you are probably aware, I've spent a lot of time in and out of hospital over the past few months," he began.

"This last time it was decided I was reaching the end of options so they've sent me home on palliative care to live out the remainder of my days at home.

Michael Sleggs (R) as Slugs in BBC Three comedy series 'This Country'

"No specific time limit has been given but deterioration has been fairly rapid."

He went on say that he almost overdosed on morphine a few days ago, and that he wishes things had turned out different before thanking "everyone reading this status."

"You have all been such amazing, kind, caring people who have all touched my life in so many unique and incredible ways," Sleggs continued. "Sorry if this status is too shmaltzy but not everyone has the chance to say goodbye so indulge me lol."

He added that when he first learned of his tragic prognosis, he "freaked out" but over time, found solace in religion.

"I turned to God and my Christian faith," he said. "Been reading the Bible daily, listening to Christian songs and sermons and its changed my entire mindset to nothing but peace and gratitude."

Sleggs finished by saying he's been "blessed with the best life and the best friends" and that he doesn't have any regrets.

"If you dont know Jesus already, my only hope is that you get to know him before you get to my state," he concluded. He'll totally rock your world in the best way!"

Sleggs was previously diagnosed with heart failure in 2015.

Created by brother-sister duo Charlie and Daisy May Cooper, follows cousins Lee and Kerry as they go about their day-to-day lives in a small town in the Cotswolds. On the show, Slegg's character Michael 'Slugs' Slugette is battling cancer.

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