Couple ditch tradition to tie the knot in ONESIES

For many brides, their big day includes a white dress and smart suits.

But Toni Livsey, 29, and new husband Kevin Livsey, 35, threw tradition out of the window and both wore onesies when they tied the knot yesterday.

And it wasn’t just them - some of their family, friends and even the DJ celebrated their big day in the comfortable all-in-ones.

The pair, who have been engaged for nine years, had originally planned to get hitched in the New Year but brought their wedding forward after Toni was diagnosed with kidney failure.

Toni said: “I am far from traditional. I can’t stand dresses. I don’t do flowers either so me and my friends made a bouquet out of buttons. I thought I would rather do something different.“

Ditching tradition - Toni and Kevin wore onesies for their special day (Pictures: SWNS)

In a nod to tradition, she wore an ivory, fluffy onesie while her hero husband wore a Superman-themed one. The couple’s two sons, Logan, six, and Keelan, four, also dressed for the occasion in Lego and superhero-themed onesies.

Toni and Kevin, from Scunthorpe, North East Lincolnshire, got married at the town’s Civic Centre but, after years of saving and never making it to the big day, it was Toni’s mum and her mum’s husband who generously footed the bill after Toni’s diagnosis made it "imperative” they got married as soon as possible.

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Toni is set to undergo dialysis while she waits for a kidney transplant - without which she will die.

She said: “It’s a case of accepting my diagnosis and doing as much as I can while I can.”

Family affair - Many of the couple’s friends and family also donned onesies

Toni added: "I take the drugs, which is a cocktail, and think positive because of my two kids.”

“My kidney function has dropped from 80% to 16%. They’ve said that if I don’t get a transplant my kidneys will only last so long and that eventually it will kill me.”

The couple met 12 years ago through a friend, who was their best man yesterday.

Toni admits she wasn’t interested at first but after he persisted for two months they got together and have been ever since, with Kevin popping the question on Christmas Day nine years ago.

“He takes everything in his stride,” she said. “If I’m having a down day he says ‘everything will be fine’ - he is the one that keeps me going.”