Couple furious after Morrisons refuse to sell them meat pies before 9am

Morrisons has changed its pie policy in light of the row (Picture: Rex)

A couple were left fuming after Morrisons refused to sell them meat pies before 9am.

Linda and Tony Gilkes, from Thorntree, tried to buy the pastries from the Oven Fresh counter at a branch of the supermarket in Berwick Hills, Middlesbrough, last Wednesday.

But they were told that pies were not for sale until 9am because of a store policy.

“I wanted eight large sausage rolls and two steak bakes,” Linda, 62, told The Gazette.

“It was 8.45am and there were no pies at all displayed. I could see bags and bags of pies, all wrapped up on cages behind the counter. The trolley was ready to be pushed out.

“But when I asked for the pies, I was told: ‘We can’t sell the pies until 9am’. I could have had a fruit pie, but not a meat pie.”


Following the couple’s complaint, the store has reversed its policy and customers can now indulge in meat pies from 7am onwards.

A spokesman told “After being reminded that we have some customers who really love pies at breakfast time, the team at the Middlesbrough store have decided that they will start baking pies earlier and they’ll be available at 7am.”

Meat pies weren’t allowed in the Morrisons shopping basket at one store before 9am (Picture: Rex)

Tony, 76, said: “When you’re faced with that situation at the counter, you start thinking: ‘Is it Candid Camera? Is it April Fool’s Day?’

“You can have fruit pies, but you can’t have meat pies. We have always been able to get the pies before 9am. The decision makes no sense. I can’t see any logic.”

Five other customers queued up at the counter hoping to get meat pies last week, but were also left disappointed.