Couple 'may lose £30k' from wedding after next year's May Bank Holiday change

Caroline Allen
The government decided to move next year's May Bank Holiday to a Friday. [Photo: PA]

The government has moved next year’s May Bank Holiday to a Friday and not everybody is thrilled about it.

Engaged couple, Anthony Messore, 40 and Jess Howells, 29, say they will have to fork out another £30k to cover their wedding costs.

They’re set to have to cover the costs of up to 70 guests who are now unable to make their Italian “fairytale wedding”.

The wedding, which has been booked for two years, will take place in Mr Messore’s late father’s home town of Baia Domizia near Naples.

The engaged couple with their son, Jayden. [Photo: PA]

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The couple are set to get married on Sunday 3rd May 2020. The original plan was that people would be able to relax on the Bank Holiday Monday and wouldn’t have to miss work or school.

The government decided to move next year’s Bank Holiday to Friday 8th May to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

“There's a lot of teachers in our family, including my brother's wife, two of my cousins, and everyone had used the bank holiday to work out they could come. Now they can't because they won't be able to get the time off.” Mr Messore said.

“My brother's wife has already said she doesn't think she will be coming. That means my brother may not come.

It's going to break Jess's heart, because her sister, who is a nurse, isn't going to be able to come.”

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The couple estimate that between 60 and 70 of their guests can no longer make their special day due to work or school.

They have a lot of children in their family and as the children now have to be at school, the parents can’t make it, either.

The pair are disappointed that the decision was made just “11 months before their big day.”

This unexpected change in date has happened once before in 1995 when the government changed the date to mark the 50th anniversary of VE Day.

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