Couple who won £1 million on EuroMillions help feed 100 homeless people

Bill and Cath Mullarkey won won £1 million on EuroMillions in 2015. (Reach)
Bill and Cath Mullarkey won £1 million on EuroMillions in 2017. (Reach)

A couple who won £1 million on the lottery have helped feed over 100 homeless people in Coventry by donating food parcels.

Bill and Cath Mullarkey, who won the EuroMillions prize in 2017 and are both trained chefs, created a special dish alongside local charity Langar Aid to distribute to vulnerable people.

The dish was based upon a Caribbean curry from Cath’s native St Lucia and was served up by volunteers last Saturday.

The couple were unable to cook the meals themselves due to the coronavirus pandemic but worked with the charity and paid for all the ingredients.

The couple pictured with their lottery cheque in 2015. (Reach)
The couple pictured with their lottery cheque. (Reach)

More than 100 meals were made and the couple helped serve the food.

Bill said: “I saw the Langar Aid guys on the TV dishing out meals to stranded lorry drivers on the M20 over Christmas. I was inspired and wanted to help them look after homeless people in Coventry.

“Ordinarily, Cath and I would have gone into the kitchens and cooked everything but working with Stuart was the best way of still making a difference while minimising contact.

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“As Cath is from St Lucia we went for a Caribbean curry. A vegetable and coconut curry with a side order of rice and peas plus drinks. We also handed over lots of chocolate bars as treats.”

Langar Aid has been cooking and delivering food, which is distributed from their base in Coventry, to those in need throughout lockdown.

The numbers fluctuate each night, but nothing goes to waste with any leftover food sent to local hostels.

The couple weren't allowed to cook the meals but provided all the ingredients and delivered them. (Reach)
The couple weren't allowed to cook the meals but provided all the ingredients and delivered them. (Reach)

Currently, Langar Aid is serving over 100 hot meals every evening, seven days a week from its centre and has served up over 150,000 hot meals and food parcels since the start of the pandemic.

This isn’t the first time the Coventry couple have catered for citizens of the city.

They cooked a three-course Caribbean-themed Christmas meal for 100 pensioners at the Jubilee Crescent Community Centre two years ago.

With fellow Coventry winners Ian Dunn and Karen McDougall and Paul and Ginny Wood serving and waiting on the group, the couple hired a steel band to add to the tropical theme of the event.

Avtar Kaur, project manager at Langar Aid, said: “Thank you Bill and Cath. It was great to see so many people enjoy their Caribbean curry on Saturday night.

“It was the first time we’ve had a Caribbean dish and it went down very well with lots of positive comments. The service members were very grateful, and we hope to see Bill and Cath soon.”

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