Couples who argue on holiday could face £3,388 fine in popular tourist spot

Dubrovnik, Croatia
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

Having a blazing row with your partner in one popular holiday destination could land you in hot water, as a heated argument might result in a substantial fine.

Not only does a tiff put a damper on your getaway, but the added sting of a hefty fine could completely spoil your break.

The UK Government's foreign travel advice highlights that one European destination has deemed arguing as "antisocial behaviour".

As per the official UK Government website: "In some Croatian town centres, including tourist destinations like Split and Dubrovnik, you can get on-the-spot fines for behaviour seen as inappropriate."

Engaging in "verbal abuse, such as shouting or arguing" could see you forking out up to "4,000 euros", which is roughly £3,388, reports the Express.

It seems that even a loud squabble could be seen as a "public order disturbance". This rule could apply to any heated exchanges with travel companions, be it family, friends, or your significant other.

Holidays can be breeding grounds for disputes, given the close living conditions and constant company. For those who struggle to maintain their cool in tense situations, it's best to think twice before raising your voice.

Places like Split and Dubrovnik are also cracking down on "drunken behaviour" from holidaymakers.

Disorderly drunken behaviour in one of these picturesque town centres could also result in a substantial fine.

Interestingly, although likely less costly than a 4,000 euro fine, strolling through the town centre in swimwear could also lighten your wallet.

Other immediate fines include consuming alcohol in public areas, urinating or vomiting in public spaces, walking shirtless through the towns, and climbing on monuments.