Couple's trauma as pub drinkers 'attack them in own garden' in terrifying ordeal

A couple say they have been left 'traumatised' after being attacked in their own garden. The pair claim a woman came out of The Gresley Arms pub in Alsagers Bank, crossed the road, jumped their fence and then dragged the victim to the floor and across the grass by her hair.

They also allege that 'up to seven' other assailants restrained her husband as she was being assaulted. The pair also told StokeonTrentLive they were subjected to racist abuse and one of their phones was snatched during their terrifying ordeal in High Street at around 8.15pm on Saturday (May 4).

Staffordshire Police have since arrested a 57-year-old woman who has been handed a community resolution which are used to deal with low-level offences. But the couple believe more should have been done.

The victim said: “We don’t drink or go to the pub. Before the attack happened, my husband went out to walk the dog and a six-foot man was shouting things at him and making lewd gestures. A woman then came out of The Gresley Arms and dragged me to the floor and across the garden by my hair.

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"While trying to get my phone back, a six-foot man put my head in an arm lock and shouted racial slurs and the original woman who attacked me grabbed my hair again.

“The people at the pub were watching and filming it. I asked one woman if she’d be a witness but shook her head and drove off. I have CCTV of it all. The attackers were all aged between their 20s to 50s. We’re both traumatised and I’m waking up in the night over it.”

She added: “I had concussion, whiplash and I’m covered in bruises. We went to the walk-in at Haywood and were sent to A&E at the Royal Stoke. The police sent to us were two cadet-like officers who couldn’t string a sentence together and refused to go outside because there were about 20 people out there.

“They arrested one woman and said they couldn’t make any more arrests because they didn’t have enough officers. They didn’t even take a statement from my husband, and they’ve only given the woman a community resolution - she needs to be locked up."

Her husband told StokeonTrentLive: “The altercation began with men approaching me, coming out of the pub and crossing the road to attack me. This facilitated the woman to walk directly across the road from the pub and attack my wife. She climbed over the garden wall after coming out of the Gresley Arms and dragged her by her hair to the floor.

“Various members of the crowd were seen to enter our garden. Some people just watched the attack and filmed it and without a single one taking the moral high ground.”

Staffordshire Police confirmed one arrest had been made in connection with the incident. A spokesman said: "We were called to reports of a fight, on High Street, Alsagers Bank. A 57-year-old woman, from Newcastle, was arrested on suspicion of assault by beating. She was given a community resolution."

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