Coventry-filmed BBC show Phoenix Rise back for brand-new series filled with 'joy, heartbreak and thrills'

Lauren Corah (Summer) and Alex Draper (Billy) at Coventry College
-Credit: (Image: Jaspreet Kaur/CoventryLive)

An award-winning Coventry-filmed TV show will soon be back with a brand-new series filled with 'joy, heartbreak, thrills and jokes.' Phoenix Rise will be landing on BBC Three this May.

Phoenix Rise, which won the Royal Television Society Midlands Award for Best Scripted Series, will be returning to BBC iPlayer on Friday, May 24 and BBC Three on Tuesday, May 28. It follows a group of misfits who form an unbreakable bond as they navigate the trials and tribulations of school life in the West Midlands.

Filming for the third series of the hit show took place in Coventry and the West Midlands. Crews have been seen at Coventry College, Tenpin Bowling and the CBS Arena in Longford.

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Viewers can expect to see all the usual action from the mischievous six in the new episodes as they start the year getting into huge trouble, the BBC said. Billy and Summer will be stronger than ever while Rani will see her ambitions hit new heights with the help of Miss Meesha, who will be played by Fleur East.

Crews at Coventry College on Henley Road in Bell Green
Crews at Coventry College on Henley Road in Bell Green -Credit:Jaspreet Kaur/CoventryLive

Spoiled Darcy is also set to face a rude awakening when his parents lose everything. Fans will also see Leila intrigued by the new boy, Matteo, and Khaled, despite being excluded last year, makes a triumphant comeback sneaking back to see his friends at Phoenix Rise.

Creators Perrie Balthazar and Matt Evans say the six main characters will be joined by fiery new arrivals Caleb, Faith and Matteo. All three are set to 'shake up the status quo.'

It will be airing on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer
It will be airing on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer -Credit:Jaspreet Kaur/CoventryLive

Ms Balthazar and Mr Evans said: “We could not be more excited to return to Coventry and tell some new and groundbreaking stories for our gang of six outsiders. Expect joy, heartbreak, thrills and jokes as well as the explosive arrival of some new Phoenix Rise pupils, guaranteed to shake up the status quo.”

A spokesman for the BBC added: “Phoenix Rise takes a bold look at friendship, first love and family, alongside the complex realities of school life, mental health struggles and never-ending outside pressures, from money problems to dealing with an uncertain future. All through the lens of our resilient, misfit heroes who tackle life with laughter, courage and a lot of attitude.”

Watch Phoenix Rise on BBC Three from Tuesday, May 28.

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