Coventry student quit degree for OnlyFans and now makes £3,000 a month

Caramel had mixed reactions when he came out to his family in 2023
Caramel had mixed reactions when he came out to his family in 2023 -Credit:Collect/PA Real Life

An adult content creator who dropped out of his automotive engineering degree at Coventry University to post explicit content on OnlyFans now earns £3,000 per month. Caramel Baba, 25, from Birmingham, was studying for his degree and said the move was motivated by the 'lack of representation' of gay Asian men in the sex industry.

Within one month he made around £860. But Caramel, who comes from a Muslim family, says he had yet to officially come out to them. He told them in 2023 and his wider community, which he found 'very isolating'.

But he was able to able to find people with similar experiences on social media, something he claims saved his life. Caramel now uses MintStars, a sex-positive content platform, and has been able to make more money due to the platform taking 5% of subscribers' payments compared to 20% of OnlyFans earnings.

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He told PA Real Life: "I can take time off when I want to take time off, I don’t have to approve a holiday from anybody. I feel a lot more empowered with myself.

I’ve gone through a journey, and there were times where it felt uncomfortable in the beginning but it’s something that I’ve had to address, like the shame and also not seeing my body as an enemy. And that’s what really helped me become more confident and more outspoken."

While studying for his degree, he decided to start posting on OnlyFans in February 2022. He says that the pandemic made him reflect upon himself and says if 'it's all about the money' then he'd rather choose the OnlyFans route to 'live with the freedom.

He added: "I think the pandemic kind of made me reflect upon myself and what I really wanted to do, and it made me reflect upon the industry that I was trained to be in. And, also like the job market, as a Gen Z person, I mean, it’s pretty difficult. I thought if it’s all about money, I’d rather go down the (OnlyFans) route so that I can get to the life that I want to live with freedom."

Talking about wanting to show representation in the online sex worker industry, Caramel spoke about the mainstream media as a whole: "I think the first gay Asian character I saw was in EastEnders, which was probably about 10 or 15 years ago.

“I wanted to show representation in an industry where gay Asian men are not really desired and have not really been at the forefront of the camera, even though the UK has quite a high Asian ethnic percentage."

Caramel makes £3,000 per month from posting explicit content
Caramel makes £3,000 per month from posting explicit content -Credit:PA

Despite being culturally Muslim, and not practicing the religion daily, Caramel felt conflicted when considering starting an OnlyFans account: "Definitely, there was a conflict because I think drawing attention to yourself, in itself I understand there’s a trade-off there, but it’s my job, I have to work. I’m sure there are many people who do work that don’t fully line up with their religious beliefs either."

However, speaking about the future, he said: "I’d love to continue to work on MintStars with a diverse group of people internationally. It has let me work on social media as well and I’d like to do more social activism, and I’m so privileged to be able to do these things. If I was working nine to five, I would never have been able to do that."

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