Craig David announces his first book: ‘It isn’t a traditional memoir’

Craig David announces his first book: ‘It isn’t a traditional memoir’

Craig David has announced his forthcoming debut book What’s Your Vibe?

The British singer shared the news in a video on Twitter today (25 May), explaining that “for the last two years” he’d been working on his first book, which will be published 13 October.

“It isn’t a traditional memoir and it’s definitely not your typical self-help book either,” he said.

“It’s a series of lessons that I’ve learnt over the years that have helped shape who I am today,” he continued. “And I felt by sharing them with you that they may resonate with you in your own life.”

Further, David explained that he felt compelled to share the ways he’s dealt with what life has thrown his way, in hopes that it might help readers in some way.

He shared that the title of his memoir comes from his “go-to phrase” that he constantly asks himself whenever he needs “to get a clear read on a situation”.

He added: “It’s been this feedback that’s been priceless to the way that I live my life and the choices that I make in real-time.”

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“It’s such a simple, yet powerful tool that we all have that I just wanted to share with you so that you too can fine-tune your vibes,” continued the star.

While the “Fill Me In” singer admitted that he’s “been so guarded for so long”, he said he’s ready to open up, with the hope of connecting with fans on a deeper level.

He concluded: “It was super hard to write at times, as it’s always easier to leave all the difficult bits out, but as we all know, any real breakthrough tends to come at the edge of discomfort.

“So here we go, time to finally close this personal chapter I’ve been on and open this new even more connected chapter with you.”

What’s Your Vibe? is available for preorder, ahead of its 13 October release.