Craig McLachlan reprises 'Neighbours' role in 'goodbye' video after being left out of finale

Watch: Craig McLachlan reprises Neighbours role in 'goodbye' video after being left out of finale

Craig McLachlan has reprised his Neighbours role in an Instagram video after apparently being snubbed for the finale of the Australian soap.

The actor played Henry Ramsay - the brother of Kylie Minogue's character Charlene - from 1987 to 1989 but was not one of the many old cast members brought back as the show wrapped after 37 years.

Earlier this week a spokesperson said it was "devastating" for the star when he wasn't invited to return and blamed "cancel culture", referring to the fact that McLachlan previously faced sexual harassment charges, which he was cleared of in 2020.

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However, McLachlan found a way to pay tribute to the show by slipping into Henry's overalls and donning a long wig for his own farewell video on Instagram.

Craig McLachlan was not in the Neighbours finale. (Instagram)
Craig McLachlan was not in the Neighbours finale. (Instagram)

Speaking as himself, McLachlan said: "Hey, everyone.

"Well I'm calling it, I'm declaring national bib and brace overalls day in honour of Henry Ramsay and, of course, to celebrate the Aussie super soap Neighbours."

"Do you know, I got the call to join the show way back in 1986. An exciting call that changed my life. A call that I'll be forever grateful for. Good memories, good people, and I loved each and every day."

He then said he knew time was tight but that he had a special guest via video link.

McLachlan, 56, then reappeared in overalls, with a baseball cap over a shoulder-length wig and some gardening shears in his hands.

"Hi, Craig! Hey, listen, thanks for letting me be a part of your special Neighbours celebration - I really appreciate it," he said, in character as Henry.

"Hey, I used to cop a lot of flack about this hair, but the mullet's back! And the mullet's here to stay, and so is Henry Ramsay."

Craig McLachlan played Henry in Neighbours and was Kylie Minogue's on-screen brother. (Fremantle)
Craig McLachlan played Henry and was Kylie Minogue's on-screen brother. (Fremantle)

Snapping his shears, he added: "Love you guys."


McLachlan was accused of indecent assault during a production of The Rocky Horror Show in 2014 but consistently denied the claims and was cleared of the charges two years ago.

Cast members from the Australian soap opera 'Neighbours', (l-r) Craig McLachlan (Henry), Annie Jones (Jane) and Stefan Dennis (Paul), in London. They are looking forward to performing in front of royalty - alongside other residents of Ramsay Street - as the cast of 'Neighbours' are appearing at the Palladium in the Royal Variety Show.
The actor with cast members Annie Jones (Jane) and Stefan Dennis (Paul). (PA)

The Mirror quoted his spokesperson as saying this week: "Henry’s dead mother is being reincarnated for the final episode - but cancel culture won’t allow her son Henry to appear or even be acknowledged.

"What Craig and his partner have endured over the past four-and-a-half years - only to come out the other side and be confronted by, among other things, the attempted permanent erasing of his part in Neighbours history - is devastating."

Several old <em>Neighbours</em> stars returned for the finale. (Fremantle/Channel 5)
Several old Neighbours stars returned for the finale. (Fremantle/Channel 5)

Neighbours was cancelled earlier this year, after UK broadcaster Channel 5 decided that it was dropping the show from its schedule.

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The finale - which saw the return of several fan favourites including Minogue and Jason Donovan - has now aired in Australia and will be shown in the UK tonight (29 July).

It starts at 9pm on Channel 5.

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